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A Diwali in Abu Dhabi

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Jyothi @juxtatcr

With exams still going on, the children were made to study for a while in the hotel room yesterday. The hubby is in Abu Dhabi this whole week. He wanted to spend Diwali with us. So I drove down there yesterday afternoon.

Before settling down for the night, the kids were reading their books. I am not using the word “studying” purposely. I know my kids too well. The ambience was absolutely wrong for studies! I overhead this conversation between the kids.

Daughter (D) : Why are you not reading?
Son (S) : You keep quiet!
D : Amma, he is not concentrating!
Me : Hmmm.. Ok.. ( busy uploading pics from Mobile)
D to S : Why are you looking at the paintings??
S : I am admiring the pictures framed here. Buzz off!
D : Why are you wasting time looking at these paintings? Amma’s photographs are so much better! Study Now!

My neck suddenly raised from it is constant position of looking at the mobile to staring at my Daughter in admiration. She not only learnt how to nag like me, she , she actually appreciated my photography!

I did a little joy dance in my mind and went back to the pictures on my mobile……

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