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AM I Turning into Cruella?

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
I was telling Jared the other day that my style has changed so much since I met him. I don't think it's all good either. Before I knew Jared, I think I was like most single girls. I liked to look cute, but I never took a fashion risk, because you don't know who you are trying to impress. You are trying to impress anyone that could be the one. I wouldn't ever take fashion risks such as wearing something that is a little too edgey or that only some people can pull off. I was very comfortable in this whole phase, where I just wore what was in. Also pinterest didn't exist before we were dating. I wonder if that would have given me more confidence.
Now that I have Jared. He thinks that I am so dang hot all the time - Just kidding, but he is happiest when I am wearing jeans and a tight shirt. He's easily pleased. I really have blossomed into my own style, and I actually love it when my friends send me photos and are like "THIS IS SO YOU!" It makes me feel like I am starting to develop my own style, that is just SO me! I do buy things every now and again that Jared hates or that he sees and tries to be nice, but I can tell he's not that into it. My main fashion goal is that I want my husband to be like "Look at that hot little piece that I have all to myself!".  
I was pondering my new Miki style and how much I have changed and I started to think... Am I pushing it?These are my newest things on my wish list..Has my style gone too far south?
No joke. I am in love with this coat.AM I turning into Cruella?
Glitter. Count me in.AM I turning into Cruella?
I am not a skank, but leather pant.. uh YES!AM I turning into Cruella?
I need some more legging styles. AM I turning into Cruella?
All of the images are links, so click on them to see where I jacked 'em from!
What do you think?? Is my style going down down hill?

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