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Are You Fully Charged?

Posted on the 20 February 2016 by Lifeofasportswife @jessaolson
I received this book from Book Look Blogging in exchange for a review. All views are my own.
I was instantly attracted to this book based on the cover of the book. I have been feeling drained lately, and run down. I feel like I am going place to place without really being all there. The next part on 3 keys to energize my work and life. I just started a new job in March. I talk to people all day and really have to be engaged all day. Not really a down time. Between still learning to do my job and working 8 hours a day. When I get home I just want to chill. 
I instantly began to highlight everything. I was a sponge wanting to learn how to change my current habits. The one thing I keep doing is putting it off to another day or start of the month. Rath says several times throughout the book you can create change in moments, not years. We can take small, meaningful steps each day. 
The book is broken down into 3 parts: Meaning, Interactions, and Energy.  Part 1: Meaning He says Research suggests that the more value you place on your own happiness, the more likely you are to feel lonely on a daily basis. This statement actually blows my mind. Its saying that the more I place value in my own happiness the more lonely I am. Which many other books says that you need to find your own happiness before putting you can make others happy. 
One statement that has stuck with me is Work is a purpose, not a place. Work is about productivity applying your talent. Work is about making your life and the lives of other stronger as a product of your efforts. 
I have been struggling with developing a routine that works for me and my family. Each day I have started by using my Day Designer planner to write down at least 1 things I want to accomplish each day. I have also tried to do 1 thing that I know is a distraction to my time. 
Focus for 45, Break for 15 is something I try to do all the time. I sit most of the day in front of a computer so I need to get up and more around. Plus I don't think my boss would appreciate me working for 45 minutes and then taking a 15 minute break every hour. That's a lot of time on "break." I get what he is saying though by taking a break and then go back. It will help with concentration. 
Part 2: Interactions The chapter Be 80 Percent Positive was one that really stuck with me. I try to be positive and upbeat everyday because I don't want to be a Debbie Downer. The author said he has trouble believing that one person can be happy all the time and doesn't find them very credible. 
I never thought about this until I read it in this book. It takes 3-5 positive interactions to outweigh every 1 negative. I thought about certain situations and it really is true. I am having issues with a person right now and we had one negative thing. But each thing now I take in a negative way because I hold that person in a negative way. Another person who was in the above same issue I have had several positive interactions with her. 
Part 3: Energy I have been struggling with energy in my day to day life. I have recently tried to give up soda. The first few days are tough because my body is getting use to not having the caffeine. Not only that but I am also trying to eat healthier as well. He suggests that we need to have balance of eating, moving, and sleeping to be successful throughout the day. 
Everything you do or decide to do (good or bad) shapes your day and the interactions with others. As simple as that statement is I never really thought much about it. Not until i really think about my day. Since reading this book I try to recap my day so I can make changes for the next. I want to learn and use the knowledge to grow and help myself. 
My favorite part was the end of the book. Each chapter had a list of questions that really make you think not only on what you read but also in your own life. 

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