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Art Every Day #7: Leftovers from Personal History from 1944, Bernhardt, a Lovely WAC and Woolf, Remembered

Posted on the 07 November 2012 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Dreamy nov 7 aedmThe project I am showing today has been in the works for the past four days. It became a meditation of sorts, reflecting upon and reliving and loving the ordinary from history – Letters to "Peck", Images of Bernhardt, Woolf and an anonymous lovely WAC amongst layers of meaning of words and music.

It is a mixed-media collage built upon a serving tray.

Any of you who were here last year remember my Women’s Sphere project? It focused on women artists and writers who were plagued with mental illness in part due to their non-conventional approaches to life. I used familiar women’s household items as my canvas.

Collaging wordsIn this object I am continuing in that tradition and branching out on my women’s sphere project. Instead of focusing on better known women writers, I am focused on letter writing to a completely ordinary young woman (Laura Pechlis who her friends called Peck) from New England in 1944.

I am sharing images of people she may have appreciated along with remnants from old books, music, and purposefully using the “leftovers” from other projects. Do you see the woman shape in the middle of the tray? This was a dye Dreamy nov 7 women's sillouettecut of a woman’s silhouette I am using for something else.

There is a purple book page flower that was never made into a flower.

I am making due with the torn up pieces from other art and pages from books that were thrown away by others.

My approach to Art Every Day Month this year is different from every other year because just as women’s lives across the years have been layered with so much stuff – my art is finding its way into my life as a more integral part of my experience rather than an add on, another duty to fulfill. My art is much more of a meditation and is much more something I proudly discuss with others.

This is huge to me.

I am so grateful for this shift in my creativity.

Have you been experiencing any shifts in your creativity?

To read more about my process, I have written another essay with more details which may be found here.

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© 2012 by Julie Jordan Scott

  Julie Jordan Scott has been a Life & Creativity Coach, Writer, Facilitator and Teleclass Leader since 1999. She is also an award winning Actor, Director, Artist and Mother Extraordinaire. She was twice the StoryTelling Slam champion in Bakersfield. She leads Writing Camp with JJS & next year she will be traveling throughout the US to bring this unique, fun filled creative experience to the people wherever she finds the passion & the interest.

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