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Art Every Day Month Check In Day 8: A Visit to the Art & Spirituality Center

Posted on the 08 November 2012 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Aedm nov 8 2Yesterday I was feeling very expansive so into the middle of the day I gave myself the gift of visiting the Art and Spirituality Center at Mercy Hospital in Downtown Bakersfield. I started attending there about two years ago and the program has grown immensely since then.

Many of the friends I spend the most time with were born and developed during these sessions and then, outside of the safe arms of the Center.

I decided to take a couple older paintings and see what I could layer onto them.   Aedm81

A part of me is embarrassed and nervous about sharing these paintings because they are so different from what I usually see on Art Every Day Month pages. My art is sometimes done intuitively and it is never done by saying, “Today I am going to draw a house with a red door and a little girl looking out the window.”

I usually stand at the easel and wait for the paint to tell me what to do with it.

One of my old paintings which I have renamed "Fragments" and posted about recently had nudged me to tear it into pieces so I did, even before I left home. When I was at the center, I got the nudge to finish the deconstruction job by using the paper cutter. This way I would get many pieces of painted paper to use in many projects.

I even let the colors to decide for me.

I only use three colors when I paint there and one of them is always this peachy color that I believe looks great no matter what I mix it with or paint it alongside.

Here is what was born:

Aedm 8 fragments up and down Aedm 8 dancer

Amidst a lot of writing and other tempera on paper, I created and created and created.

What a blessing filled, rich day!  I encourage those of you who "don't know how to paint" to just play with your painting. You will be surprised how much fun it can be when you simply give yourself permission to be exactly who you are creating exactly as you are meant to be.

Aedm2012 Happy Art Every Day Month!

Thank you, Leah!

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© 2012 by Julie Jordan Scott

  Julie Jordan Scott has been a Life & Creativity Coach, Writer, Facilitator and Teleclass Leader since 1999. She is also an award winning Actor, Director, Artist and Mother Extraordinaire. She was twice the StoryTelling Slam champion in Bakersfield. She leads Writing Camp with JJS & next year she will be traveling throughout the US to bring this unique, fun filled creative experience to the people wherever she finds the passion & the interest.

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