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BC Bloggers’ CommEx Part II

Posted on the 06 November 2012 by Ladymoxie @ladymoxie2012

I have been part of the BC Bloggers’ community for two years now but I have not participated in the Comment Exchange for a while. My pregnancy had been difficult I decided to forgo with some of my blogging-related activities. Now that I have successfully delivered our newest bundle of joy, I can now get back to all my blogging duties.

I am happy that since my absence, the comment exchange have been through some changes. It is fun exchanging comments with other members but it was also frustrating when others fail to reciprocate. They were only interested in receiving comments, not in giving them. I’m glad that the latest rounds have been able to filter those erring members out.

Before, one signed up to be included in the next CommEx round and had to leave a comment in all of the participating blogs. Now, some bloggers had been doing this religiously but others, not so much. In fact, even when they did not finish all the blogs they still signed up for the next rounds and no amount of reminding (from Mommy Paula) had pushed them to comply with the rules.

Now, the procedure had been reversed. One must first comment BEFORE they are automatically signed up for the next week’s CommEx. Efficient, right?

On that note, I was afraid I won’t be able to finish leaving comments this week. Thankfully, I was able to make it on time. Looking forward to next week’s round then. If you also want to join us, check out this link and jump right in!

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