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Posted on the 07 May 2012 by Halinak @HalinaKema
I know that this blog is a place for appreciation of the nice things in life, but today I just need to get something off my mind to move on with my day. Just now I got this angry message on my voicemail from the owner of the apartment in Bergen that I've moved from. He accuses me of not having paid April's rent and another 1300 NOK's that he doesn't say what is for, and tells me that he will take legal action against me if I don't pay it.
I was startled. This was the first time I've heard his voice, because all communication has gone through the landlord, which happens to be his somewhat unorganized son-in-law. Of course I had paid April's rent. And both me and my roommate wrote him to ask about the 1300 NOK's that we supposedly owed him many months ago, without any response from him.
I hate when people raise their voice unnecessarily and when they think that just because they are a grown up man in their fifties they can say whatever they want to a girl in her twenties. But most of all I hate when strangers treat me unfairly. Especially when they think I'm shirking away from responsibilities, simply because I'm not that kind of person at all.
This photo of my mom is totally unrelated, but makes me happy. 

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