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Blogging After a Long Time is Pretty Difficult!!!!

Posted on the 31 October 2011 by Chandnis80
Its been two months since I blogged.......... yes two whole months!!!! Thank you for all the mails, yahoo and facebook messages..... I missed you all tooooo!!!! Thanks for thinking about my blog and knowing that Ive been missing......... oh what would I do without you all! Ive been wanting to blog soo bad I finally decided to write just how I feel and what Ive been upto ....

Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!
Ive been super busy with a lot of things since Sept. The thing thats keeping me oh so super busy is that my daughter is going to kinder yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!Yes she is and Im homeschooling her part time. Who would think that homeschooling a K would be sooooooo time consuming and FUN!!!!!!

Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!
This is her first day at her school! With her amazing teacher! I just dont know how she does it she surely is fabulous!! The kids adore her :).I just volunteer only once a week and thats not easy at all LOL.
Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!
 We have been on two school trips already :) soooooooo fun!! We had been to the fair and the zoo. 
Thats her climbing to the trapezium.....

Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!......... and here she comes :)

Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!

Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!

Sharon has been going for a bunch of classes........ jaz, ballet, swimming, awana, bible classes at church, practice for christmas programme etc. She loves it all. And I have the distinct pleasure of being the chaperon :)
Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!
And then Ive been going for aerobics and spin classes, womens bible study and then off to our biweekly bible studies and I just love going to all of these. I ve also been spending loads of quality time with my friends and families - I cant post all the pics but here are few:)
Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!
Blogging after a long time is pretty difficult!!!!
It has been an awesome two mths but Ive missed blogging a lot.......... tho I wont be able to blog everyday..... there will be more new amazing blogging in the future :) so please do drop in and check it out :)
See you soooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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