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…Cast Your Ballot

Posted on the 27 November 2012 by Zer @the2women

…Cast Your Ballot
It’s time to rock the vote again (for some). This time the stakes are higher, the risks are greater and the voters are more confused than ever.

Those of you who have signed your souls over to Facebook have the opportunity to vote for your “right” to not vote on any future changes to Facebook’s privacy settings.

Those of you who are blissfully unaware of Facebook’s changes in policy may have noticed the “copyright” posts dominating your news feed yesterday. This is why.

Not surprisingly, this has sparked some angry feedback from many of the billion (and counting) under informed Facebook users.
And why shouldn’t they be upset? After all, their Facebook-given rights are under attack.

How dare this free service that you voluntarily signed up for and own zero percent of (most likely) give you the opportunity to maintain your right to vote on their policies.

It’s an outrage.

More on the Story: CNN

…just for fun:

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