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Celebrate Diwali and a Cause Too Please!

Posted on the 10 November 2012 by Rharikrishna25 @Hari_raghu
Person 1: The Government has limited the number of subsidized LPG cylinders to 6 per connection. It is going to be very difficult to manage with only 6 cylinders per year.
Person 2: If you can't manage with 6 cylinders, you can buy more cylinders at a non subsidized rate at 900 rupees. The subsidized value is around Rs.450.
Person 1: It is almost double. But if you have 2 LPG connections, you must fill the KYC form and surrender one. Now multiple connections are forbidden. This is a blow to the middle class families. That too, at the time of Diwali.
Person 3: But there are rumors that even those who have single LPG connection have to fill the KYC form and submit. Even the gas agencies are in confusion. SO I have to come to get the form and fill it in spite of having single connection. 
My study holidays started a day back. My dad told me to run some errands as I was on leave yesterday. I went to the agency to get the KYC form and I noticed three people talking. I eaves dropped their conversation.
"Oh God! I have forgotten the Diwali. Just 5 more days. How I could possibly forget the wondrous festival!" I almost gasped. That continued with a train of thoughts.
Diwali! Deepavali! The festival of Lamps! We start our celebrations one month prior to it. Buy new clothes one month early has been the unsaid rule. Buy multiple dresses is also another one. One week before the occasion, we happily start to buy crackers. You handpick each cracker while thinking about its fun. At the same time, your mom starts preparing sweets and savories. Two days before the arrival of the function, either you land in your relative's home or your relatives in yours. Then the next few days will be fun.. Complete fun. Wake up early in the morning, have oil bath, wear new-dresses, eat and distribute sweets, burst crackers safely, watch special episodes in television and talk with your people have been the agenda for Diwali for a longer period. Though several admirable things in the life of the people have gone due to the arrival of technology, times like Diwali help us remember our culture.
"Thambi vazhi viduppa!" (Brother, please give me way!)
My thoughts stopped. And what I saw has been affecting me till now. The laborers from the agency were starting to their usual routine. It was 11 A.M. The sun was too much cruel on earth at that time. These people were wearing uniforms. I don't know if those were cotton or polyester. They were pushing the tricycle with nearly 20 gas cylinders fully loaded. They were not pushing it so gently. They combined their entire strength to their arms and pushed it. Each cylinder must be around 15 kg. Calculate please the entire load! Three of them passed my side. Full of sweat and smell. They perspired a lot like they have got drenched in rain. But there was determination in everyone's face. I started feeling so bad seeing their condition. 

Celebrate Diwali and a cause too please!Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman
The images of those laborers pedaling the vehicle are haunting me even now. "The corporations producing LPG are already at a loss," reports our Natural Gas minister. Yeah, I accept the Government is also suffering a high expenditure owing to the subsidies. So they have raised the amount. So what are they going to do with the amount they are gonna get as a hike now? Increase their profit? Deposit in the banks? Invest more to meet the needs of the people? Save for the future? What plans does the Government have?
Aren't they going to do something for their employees?
I am not talking about those employees who are at a higher position sitting in an A.C. room seeing accounts or those who shout at press conferences! I am talking about those who toil under the sun. I am giving voice for those who actually serve the people! 

Celebrate Diwali and a cause too please!Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman
After some time, I left the place to my home. When you think about something new, it is most likely that you will see it again and again. That is what happened. As I was on my way home, I saw several more gas people pedaling the vehicle with huge loads. Will this government try doing something for them? Something to reduce their physical strain? Everyone will be ready to pay 20 bucks extra if the government or the corporations decide to use that for buying these people a motor cycle to carry the loads.
I have not thought about this part of the people ever. For the first time, when it struck me yesterday, it struck me well. This Diwali may give them something that previous Diwali have not given them ever. A relief for them! Will government give these people a hope? Let us hope that they and this Diwali will. After all, hope is a great thing.

Celebrate Diwali and a cause too please!Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman
A very happy and a prosperous Diwali to you and your family. Have fun and be safe!
P.S: Today's date is 10.11.12. It is a nice combination of numbers. This is the second last time we have a date like this in this century. The last one will be 11.12.13, next year. And I wanted to blog on this date!

Celebrate Diwali and a cause too please!Image: Harikrishna Raghuraman

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