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Ch 5 - Boys with Abayas

Posted on the 21 November 2012 by Mavie
“So what seems to be the problem?” Ahmed’s low husky drawl sent prickles of pleasure shooting down Lina’s spine.

Her stomach churned, she knew what the problem was and she knew what he was going to do about it. He tormented her a little longer, letting his eyes trail down her curves until she squirmed under his scrutiny. If he made her wait any longer, she would take matters into her own hands. Literally.She arched her back resting her head against the soft leather seat. He accepted her invitation and proceeded to trace a slow lingering path down her belly with a single warm fingertip, circling her navel with a whisper caress. Lina gasped quietly, his touch was electric.The current in the enclosed space shifted and a sense of urgency filled the gap between them. She could feel his breath coming in short bursts, he must have sensed it too as he inched forward causing Lina’s eyes to close in pleasurable anticipation. She was rewarded when his lips skimmed over hers in a feather light kiss but just as quickly as it came, he pulled away. Stunned her eyelids flew open imploring him not to stop but he didn’t give in, his lips hovered an inch away waiting for Lina to come and get him. Lina let out a groan of frustration and gave in to the little display of hard-to-get. She cupped both hands against the side of his head and roughly pulled him towards her, claiming his lips in a fiery hold.He didn’t resist. Pulling her against him he deepened the kiss enjoying the feel of warm leather against his palms. A low guttural moan escaped Lina’s parted lips and he felt himself respond. He traced his hands down the convex curves of her waist and back up again lifting her off the seat and onto his lap.“Ow, my head,” Lina giggled as she bumped against the top of the car.“Sorry,” he mumbled burying his face into her neck. She smelled good, fresh and flowery as though she had just sprinkled herself with baby powder.He drew a trail of kisses down her neck to the rising swell of her breast, enjoying the feel of her hands as they wove into his hair and tugged hard.His own hands moved down her slender arms and into the opening of the jacket that now hung off one shoulder. “Your skin is so smooth,” he licked her exposed skin tenderly.Lina shivered, her insides were quivering with satisfaction, she relished the feel of his lips on her skin. His hands moved to her back, forcing the jacket to crumple around her waist. There was a brief struggle as Ahmed fought with the clasp on her bra, Lina sat up straight and waited patiently. “Need some help?” She asked raising an eyebrow.“Uh, no…how does this open?” he panted with effort.“Here, let me.” In one swift movement Lina had unclasped and removed her bra letting it fall by his side.Ahmed’s eyes widened, he cast a brief glance out the window. Lina followed his gaze and saw his two friends leaning up against another car chatting to one another.A ferocious glint appeared in his eye and he hauled Lina’s petite frame closer. Her eyes closed involuntarily and she let him continue his soft assault on her body. After all, it wasn’t as if she had a choice in the matter, her mind had long relinquished itself ever since their first meeting. It was only a matter of time before her body followed. ***“Are you done in there? Only we would like to go biking sometime tonight!” Mazen pounded on the tinted window.Ahmed jumped, pulling away from Lina’s languid body. “Shit, get dressed.” He fumbled around the back seat for his shirt. “Yeah coming,” he called through the gap in the front window.They dressed quickly and Lina scooted into the far corner, “can I wear your belt? These trousers are way too loose.” Ahmed handed her his belt from the floor and brushed a hand through his hair.“Ready?” he asked zipping up her jacket in one fluid motion.Lina nodded.“Let’s go!” Ahmed knocked on the window signaling for the boys to jump in.Once they were all settled, Mazen gunned the engine and the car shot out of the car park leaving a cloud of dust in its trail.“Phew, it’s a bit hot and heavy in here, isn’t it Fawz?” Mazen grinned and elbowed Fawzi who had lit up another cigarette. Ahmed rolled his eyes and reached out for Lina’s hand. She shuffled closer allowing him to wrap a possessive arm around her shoulders. “I wonder what would have happened if we weren’t interrupted?” he whispered brushing his lips against her flaming ear.Blood flowed into her cheeks and she felt her face flame. She couldn’t believe he had been allowed to go so far when she barely even knew him. And in the back seat of a car with his friends less than a few meters away. He swept an ardent thumb over her swollen lips, the effects of his kiss still lingered. Her body clamoured with need and she pushed further into his hard thigh, willing him to continue where he left off. Instead he tightened his arm for a second and released her again choosing to stroke her lower lip once more. Lina seized the opportunity and tilted her head taking him into her mouth. She heard a small yelp as he exhaled in surprise, it pleased her that she brought out a need in him too. She slid her tongue around his finger and sucked gently, tugging at his fingernail in the process. Ahmed whimpered, bending his head low to nuzzle at her neck as her mouth skittered up and down the tip of his finger. “Stop,” he pleaded.Lina paused, she wasn’t sure if he meant it or not. The car violently turned a corner and she was forced to let go. She settled back against the hard curve of his shoulder and turned her face into his collar. His scent tormented her, awakening a craving so strong that it throbbed low in her groin. She clenched her pelvic muscles in an effort to control herself, after all, she was sure she had caught Mazen peeking in the rear view mirror a couple of times already. “Right, here’s the helmet. It goes on like this,” Fawzi whipped around leaning over the passenger seat to position a helmet over Lina’s head.“Lemme get the buckle…” he mumbled fiddling with the straps.Once the helmet was on, the boys opened their doors and stepped out. Lina stared out through a dark screen squinting to see where they were. To her surprise they had just crossed the threshold of a magnificent wrought iron gate that was frosted with a pane of durable plastic keeping out any prying eyes. The car came to a halt on the right side of the courtyard and the boys had hopped out disappearing from sight in seconds. Ahmed grinned into the closed visor and pushed forward the passenger seat to get them out. “Come on,” he called heading for a garage around the side of the house.Lina stepped out and looked around bewildered. She was in a large courtyard that was paved over with red and gray bricks. The house ahead was a double story edifice in a sandy cream color with windows that were too small for a building of that magnitude.So this is where he lives, Lina hurried to catch up with Ahmed. Her feet felt strange without a solid covering to protect against the pebbles that were now pinching her soles through the thick socks on her feet. Regardless, she ploughed ahead before any of the staff could come out and greet the boys.“Asalam-ul-laikum!” The voice called just to her left.Startled, Lina whipped around to see a small man dressed in simple clothes. She wasn’t sure if he was a relative of Ahmed’s or one of the staff he had mentioned earlier. Not sure what to do, Lina lifted a hand in a quick wave and hastily lowered it again when she saw her painted pink fingernails.They had overlooked that little detail. She made a mental note to ask Ahmed for a pair of gloves. Rounding the corner, a set of double garage doors came into view. The shutters were three quarters up and the boys had ducked under impatient to get on with the night. Lina followed and slipped into the garage behind Ahmed, it didn’t take long to get her bearings, the garage wasn’t as large as she expected. Inside parked to the left were three polished sports cars and to the right were a collection of motorbikes that varied in shape and size.On closer inspection, Lina let out an impressive whistle when she registered the fire engine red Ferrari. It was truly an impressive car, but parked in the middle was another sleek machine that was much more appealing; a black Bentley that reflected her image back at her. On the far side, parked against a whitewash wall that was lined with shelves was another sports car in a blazing yellow. Lina lifted her visor but couldn’t make out the badge that shone brightly against the hood, she didn’t think she had ever seen a car quite like that. Before she could ask the make and model, she heard Ahmed kick start his motorbike filling the silence with a deafening roar. His voice sent a shot of adrenaline racing down her spine, “you’re riding with me biker girl!”

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