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Classical Music and Zombies

Posted on the 20 November 2012 by Cantuccfd @cantuCCFD
Classical Music and Zombies

So far, so good. This book isn't disappointing. And neither was last night. Everybody I knew was at Icehouse, which was surprising to me cuz it was just another chill Sunday. And as I'm saying hi to everyone and their mother walking in I recognize the girl in the tiny white dress sitting just to my left. She was a girl I had talked to back and forth a while back but never got around to taking out. She's with a couple guys who sound like d-bags. I guess she recognized me back but wanted to make sure it was me so she sends me the "Where you at?" text..

Classical Music and Zombies Eric to the rescue. Icehouse was surprisingly good. After talking for a while with my new old friend she eventually had to get back to her group. Poor girl. She texted me later that they ended up at Murdock's and she made her escape and left while he was in the restroom. She should've stayed at Icehouse. Live music, and friends everywhere which of course leads to shots being bought for you and vise versa from across the bar. Corpus is a small town, so it shouldn't be surprising when you see a couple old friends you know separately and haven't seen in a while and find out they're now dating. All in all it was a good night. I tried to get home early but of course that didn't happen.
Classical Music and Zombies

Woke up early-ish and it's a great day out. A friend on Facebook mentioned that iTunes is suddenly carrying the AC/DC catalog. It's about damn time. Bought 2 albums and turned the volume way, way up. I had forgotten just how good The Razor's Edge was. Took me back to 8th and 9th grade instantly. After a whole lot of air guitar in my living room i was hungry. Had lunch (where else but B&J;'s), then decided to take advantage of the awesome day outside.

Reading the history of a fictional futuristic zombie war while listening to classical music in my backyard #MyNeighborsAreScared #WorldWarZ

— Eric Cantu (@cantuCCFD) November 19, 2012

Life is good. Making a second appearance at B&J;'s now to meet up with Sprunger, then I'm thinking its $2 Guinness back at Icehouse for a bit. Mondays are usually totally dead there, but the Guinness is delicious and that's all that really matters.

Need music in your life? Found this gem. It always amazes me how NIN can recreate their sound so perfectly live. Even if you're not a huge fan of NIN, just watching the dude at the beginning of this video programming the drums is awesome enough. I need one of those toys. Enjoy.

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