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Creepy Part Two!

Posted on the 11 November 2012 by Poojakaradgi

Creepy Part Two!
List out some reasons why your parents might be fed up with you?
Yes,A hundred reasons..Homework nahin karta,padhti nahi nahi hai,classes bunk karte hai,Pura din FB pe bethi rehti hai...And the list continues!
But above all this,what irritates my parents is, when I forcibly take them out for shopping and return without a single bag in hand.And this is my second post related to same,only difference being,I was able to buy something then,but now,absolutely nothing!
I don't know,what goes wrong,when I leave for intentional shopping.Four days it has been,since we are roaming in the city malls.Its actually just I and Dad.Momma manages to find some place in the malls and prefers waiting there,watching us return empty handed.Its never the case,that I don't like something,when I simply go for a stroll around the city malls,I mean everything,every apparel,seems to attract me when I dont have to buy them and then it becomes so difficult to resist.
Just today,I went to one of the malls,known for its apparels,and when I described the kind,I wanted,they say,
"Iss size ke to khatam ho gaye.."
Part three may soon get published! :(

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