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“Dilarang Buang Sampah Sembarangan!”

Posted on the 17 July 2011 by Sifradian @naidwijayanti
“Dilarang Buang Sampah Sembarangan!”

Translation: Only monkeys are allowed to litter

I saw a woman littered today, then I realized how annoyed I am.

She was wiping her face with a tissue and then, simply threw it on the sidewalk.

Of course I didn’t say anything.

But still, I was annoyed.

Yet I didn’t do anything.

Then after a couple of steps, my mood didn’t get any better as I saw an empty bottle and a plastic scattered on the sidewalk, just right next to the trash can.

Just next to the trash can, imagine that!

Geez! What’s with people these day!!??

There’s a trash can right next to you when you emptied that bottle!

What’s the trouble of simply throwing those empty bottle and plastic to the trash can next to you, people!?

I litter too, alright.

As long as it is in my room and my house.

At least until I finally feel the mood to tidy everything up and clean the house.

But I always keep my trash with me outside until I can find the nearest trash can.

So I finally sighed, and took the empty bottle and the plastic and threw it into the trash can.

And walked.


I know I should’ve taken that tissue and threw it into the trash can as well.

Now I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

Oh, people!

“Dilarang Buang Sampah Sembarangan!”

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