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Finding Motivation 2

Posted on the 08 November 2012 by Gabrielc @gabrielcommon
So I've been recently asked by a friend who's interested in writing, "How do you find the discipline and Motivation to set down and write for hours?" So I've decided to write a blog about my methods to help out any inspiring writers.
It's same as when your reading. When you read a book you really get into the story, you find it interesting and with every page you feel that you have to continue on to see what happens next. When writing the hardest part is starting, after you've begun and have gotten deep into your story, your interest takes over and you really get into your story wanting to follow it through to the end. The best way to describe it is that When I write it feels like I'm reading someone else's work. When I'm finish with a book I always can never believe that I wrote it myself because of how much I got into the story. Of course every writer has there on way. Like Ray Bradbury always planed out his stories through an outline before he wrote it. Me on the other hand, I start off knowing the beginning middle and end, everything between kind'a just flows naturally, like I'm having a continuous dream.
So my advice to you is to find out works for you. A good way to motivate yourself an exercise I like to do between writings. While I'm driving, working or whatever I would listen to music that relates to the feel of the current story I'm working on. Like if it's horror then horror music, or if it's action then rock or something. while I'm listening I think the story through, and plan out scenes that matches the music it really helps to get me motivated to write.

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