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For You Boys: The Month Gadgets!- Los Gadgets Del Mes!

Posted on the 16 February 2012 by Juanas6s6nses @JuanitaNieto_
ENG. A gadget is often known as a small mechanical or technological object that has a practical use but is often thought of as a novelty.  Gadgets are considered to be more “unusually or cleverly designed than normal technological objects at the time of their invention” extracted from Wikipedia.
I love gadgets, for me they are as fascinating as my shoes and make up! I always like to have the latest technology as well as the latest objects, that is why I always like to be super informed about all of them! Juana is the kind of girl that will for sure not go to a trip without her iPhone, blackberry, iPad and her super power Sony camera. Since this is a passion I share with most of my guy friends I dedicate a post each month to my gadget findings! So girls don’t get offended, I know some of you love gadgets too but I particularly wanted to share this series with the guys who read the blog since it was through the guys in my life that I grew a passion for gadgets!
I have always met guys that don’t like to carry huge bags or wallets, they like things that are more practical and can be carried all at once. So for Juana the solution is this fantastic Pocket Phone Case  from Hardgraft. With this case you can carry an iPhone, some credit cards and cash! Also the use of leather and wool is just perfect. This pocket phone case is not an electronic gadget but it is definitely a practical one full of style!
Who doesn’t like a powerful speaker, and better yet, who doesn’t like a cool looking one that at the same time is wireless? Well you have everything with this small Jawbox from Jawbone. Excellent sound quality and easy connection to mobile phones, computers iPods and other media with Bluetooth technology! Also with this super box you can download and exchange music, movies or games wherever you are. And not only can you use it for fun but as also for work for conference calls. This is so in my wish list for next month!
So do I have to say more if I say: Blackberry + Porsche design? I am sold just by hearing that! Take a look at this new blackberry and judge by yourself and let me know what you think! So far I like a lot the design from Porsche.
Blackberry x porschePicture123

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