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Getting My Style on – Finally!

Posted on the 12 November 2012 by Meltingmoments

Fashion and style are really not my strong points. They never have been. I went to a wedding on the weekend and wore black. Most of the reasoning behind this was because I am very self conscious about my post baby body which makes shopping a dreaded task for me.

The dress code on the invitation said ‘cocktail.’ It wasn’t until people started arriving at the wedding that I realised, I really got it wrong. The women all looked glamorous to me. They wore all colours of the spectrum with their choices all suiting their various shapes and sizes. My family and hubby assured me that I looked lovely but the compliments bounced right off me. I didn’t feel glamorous at all.

My sister in law got it right. She looked stunning in a red dress that had a thin belt and a black flower on her waist. Her hair was stylishly pulled back which turned out to be a great idea with the windy weather that came on through the day. I confided in my SIL, telling her that I felt frumpy and lacking motivation to shop for clothes with my new shape. I declared that I needed a personal stylist. Someone to take me shopping and tell me what styles would suit my shape and what I should avoid. Her response was, “Have you seen the website Bird’s Nest?”

Getting my style on – finally!

So, here I am, totally excited and wanting to shout to the world, that this great website is just what I need. I entered my body shape and other attributes, chose my favorite colours and voila! An email arrived with my detailed style guide. I particularly love that on their site they have whole outfits (and accessories) put together for a variety of occasions. For someone as devoid of style as I am, this is brilliant. You can buy items or add them to your wishlist for Christmas. I hope you like is as much as I do! Where to go: www.birdsnest.com.au

Getting my style on – finally!

Getting my style on – finally!

* All views expressed are mine. I was not contacted to write this review.
Getting my style on – finally!

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