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Girlfriend and Wife: A Deep Secret To Share #UseYourAnd

Posted on the 16 August 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

I have a secret to share. It is important for you if you are married. I am sharing a secret how to manage a girlfriend and wife together. In fact, I have a girlfriend which is a secret my wife is not aware of. I have a wife too as is evident now. As a matter of fact, I don’t feel having a girlfriend is a crime but for a married man, it is. It is a straight violation of institution of marriage to have a girlfriend after you have married to someone else. If the love was so strong, probably marrying to your girlfriend would have been the best option. But at times the time is not in your favor, neither is the luck.

Girlfriend and Wife: A Deep Secret To Share #UseYourAnd

In my case, it is not so. My wife knows I have a girlfriend and my girlfriend knows I have a wife. Though I try my best to hide the fact from both of them. For me, luck is in my favor to stay happy with my girlfriend and wife. Luckily in my case name of my girlfriend and wife are same. Hence there is least threat to me for anyone catching me. Even if I take the name of one by mistake in front of the other, it never harms me.

My wife is as the normal wives are. But my girlfriend is a magical woman. She has mastery in whatever is possible on this earth. She has astounding wisdom, she is a professional, she sings well, she runs home perfectly, and she is a successful writer. Now that is something that keeps me connected with my girlfriend for all these years. She also perhaps loves me as strongly as I do to her.

Girlfriend and Wife: How Both?

Let me share another secret with you. My girlfriend and wife are same, only the role varies from time to time during the day. That is one more credit that goes to my wife as she has never thought of taking the “OR” path. She knows that even after a man marries, at some moment of time, he feels to stay hold with his older days and that is where she knows how to play the role of a girlfriend. This is the path of “AND” she decides to take for her whole life, soon after our marriage.

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