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Happily Ever After...

Posted on the 11 February 2013 by Sarusinghal @SaruSinghal

Happily Ever After...
Somewhere from north-east,Can't be sure when.Love came like a strong wind,And hit Ben. 
Unlike the colors of fall, It was black and white.Near the patio of his house,Golden rays placed a spotlight. 
She wasn't a fairy, Wasn't  a queen,A girl dressed in black in her teens. 
Love, that too at first sight,Kindled a never ending romance.Mary was blessed for life,Though, she met Ben by chance. 
I'm Stella, Fixing the trim of a wedding gown.Many years ago, I too, lived in this town. 
I too loved someone,but my story was undone.My daughter Mary is marrying Ben,and Ben is John's son. 
John said when we bid adieu,Love always find its way,If love is true. 
What John and Me started,That story is now done,Our kids are marrying today,and a new story has begun...

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