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Posted on the 29 October 2014 by Mattie @comfyconfident

That is the default title to the first post when you start a new blog. The only trouble is, this isn’t a new blog. I may have taken a reaaallllly lonnnngggg hiatus, but we’ve been around. I blogged for a while and absolutely loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, half way through 2012 I started a new job that took up all hours of my day but I loved that too. I had a hard time balancing work and blogging and since blogging didn’t pay the bills it fell by the way-side. However, I have missed it every day since and wished I could pop online and write a post. Recently, I have been talking to a lot of my friends and family about how much I missed blogging and they advised I pick it up again. So, for the last few weeks, I have been contemplating if I have the time, energy, and bandwidth to pull it off. Ultimately, I decided all that doesn’t matter; living healthy, working out and writing about the journey is my passion and I will make time for that one way or another!

A lot has happen during my sabbatical so to catch you up real quick: I moved to Boston, work my butt off at my job, traveled to Sochi to watch my sister compete in the Alpine Slalom event at the Olympics, ran the Boston marathon twice, married my best friend and become even more excited, interested and addicted to healthy living and adventures in food and fitness.


So here I am, building out the blog and really inspired to write. I have some really exciting plans for this next chapter including competing in more triathlons and road races, collaborating with my friend and personal trainer, Kara, on workouts and nutrition plans, and eventually starting my own little family.

Boston Marathon

Please check back often, it’s going to be a fun ride.
Let the adventure continue…

MG drive away


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