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How to Attract Women

Posted on the 02 January 2013 by Killmenow @lbigfoot

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Many male singles ponder the important question of “How to attract women?” There are adverts out there where a guy uses a special deodorant or after-shave and the women flock to him. Personally I think they flock to him because he is standing next to Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt or whoever the girls of today think are sexy.  Or maybe because he was standing next to me?

A good friend sent me a video about how to attract women which may be useful to some readers of my blog. The video was made by Kezia Noble who runs boot camps for guys who know little about how to attract women. In this video she makes five points:

Kezia Noble - How to Attract Women

  1. Always turn a potential negative into a potential positive. In her explanation she says that if a girl tells you she has a boyfriend, you can turn that to your advantage. If you try this on my Sharon, you should be aware that you may walk away with less teeth than you came in with and that is before I deal with you. But if you want to continue trying, good luck.
  2. Make an impact. This is good advice in general. She asks “What makes you stand out?” This is all about marketing. How do you market yourself? Most females have heard every pick-up line and every come back. In my book I spoke about a very lame line but one that can bring a smile to your face.
  3. Make a connection. Kezia says that you do not have to agree with her but you need to have passions. You do not need to have the same passions just that you are a passionate person. I am passionate about my sister’s dog, does that count? Kezia says that women do not want a nice guy,  so I guess I am lost.
  4. Always demonstrate high value. Women are always looking for strength of character. Weakness is a major turn-off and being apologetic is another turn-off. I am sorry Kezia, I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me.
  5. Always be closing. She says that men turn to end up in the dreaded friend zone because they did not close the deal. They get side tracked and are afraid to close the deal because they did not listen to her four points or that they did not take her boot camp.

Kezia made some valid points here but I thought the idea of how to attract women was for how to get them to come to you like a moth to the flame. I think it is more apt to call it how to get women interested in you. Here is the video.


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