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Husband Involvement

Posted on the 23 November 2012 by Lifeofasportswife
This is something that I think about everytime I write post he is involved in. Do I say his name or create a nickname for him. Some people don't include their significant other in the blog while others do. I am not judging or saying one way is better than other. Everyone has their reasons, and I completely respect that.
Everytime I go to any craft store we always go past the scrapbooking aisle. We have the same conversation everytime.
Me: Should I start scrapbooking?G: You have the blog right now. That's like a virtual scrapbook.Me: True, but do you want to be included in the blog? G: Yeah, you have it on your sidebar. (Touche, I completely forgot that)Me: True, but I can delete that. I can start scrapbook a book of just us and leave the blog to other things. G: Can you do that?Me: Idk, but if you wanted I could.G: No, its fine. I like it. End scene by walking out of aisle.   I wanted to get other peoples input and see what YOU think. Do you include your significant other? Why or Why not?
Husband Involvement

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