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I Made the Shit List...Again!

Posted on the 24 November 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
So, if any of you reading know my blogs, you will also know, that I write on other sites. I like to spread myself out, let everyone get a turn seeing the crap I write. The writing part, isn't so bad, it's the comment part, that often gets me into trouble. Let's take last night for example. I read a blog from a friend (not anymore) on another site. It was a constant repeat of her other posts, about how bad she has it at home, stayed together for the kids (although they have grown up, married, and moved out of the house a long time ago). Blah, blah, blah.......... well, at times I get a little annoyed at repetitiveness, and thought to myself, what could I possibly contribute to help/end, this crap? So, after thinking about 5 seconds, my reply went something like this: Look, I have seen this so many times, staying together for the kids... it often does YOUNG children, more harm then good. Your children, however, are all grown up, and have moved out. I think you are staying, because you like the check your hubby is bringing home.She got a little upset, made a few comments to me, none of which I could respond, because first she blocked me, then she unfriended me. Oh well, no big loss,I say. If you can't take constructive criticism.......So, yes, I'm on the shit list again.  I do hate to lose friends, and although I was harsh with my comment, I stand by it. Then I've done this in the past, and got caught in an internet war, like you've never seen before. It lasted almost a year, and finally a truce was called, we cyber kissed and hugged, and once again peace came to the world. I had also made a post last night, and apparently some of my "colorful language" upset a reader, and in their comment to me, basically told me how and what to blog. When reading this comment today, I suddenly got a searing pain, from my head to my ass to my toes and back again, saw red, and then busted out laughing! Since I'm actually fairly new on the site I posted, I thought I'd be a good little blogster, and reply respectively, and calmly. I did, and am still gushing with pride for myself control....who'd a thought? Shit lists come, shit lists go, and I'm sure I'll make another again..... here's hoping it is in the distant future!

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