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Little Chef.

Posted on the 23 November 2012 by Threesixfive @MamaChaser
For a little while now Roman has been asking/begging me to bake 'Peppa Pig' (cakes) with him. Every time we go shopping he'll try to put a cake mix into the basket so today I finally decided enough was enough and we should get our bake on.

Well it was fun this time when most of the time in the past it's been a stress fest - usually he'd want to eat everything edible on sight. This meant trying to keep utensils covered in cake batter away from his mouth as he was mixing up the batter and because me and Bryan have huge germaphobia this is a must - plus it's not good to teach your child these horrible habits never mind my germ aversion. 

This time, however, he's shown me yet again how much he's grown over these past few months, weeks even. He's maturing, his hand to eye co-ordination is improving, his grip is fantastic and following instructions? He is wonderful at that. I'll ask him to take something to the bin and immediately he's on the case, I'll show him how to mix something up and he'll do it exactly the way I showed him...and he's frequently in our fridge retrieving and then putting back whatever we need to make cakes, breakfast, lunch and so on. Tonight I asked him to get the, 'icing stuff, with the red lid' and he knew exactly what I was talking about - I'm guessing because I mentioned red in my instructions - but sometimes I feel like I'm living with a 5 year old instead of this 2 year old who stands before me, mixing up cakes and soaking in everything that goes on around him.

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