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My Country Is Safe As Long As We Have Kabirs And Sukhbirs With Us

Posted on the 16 August 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

My country is safe as long as we have Kabirs and Sukhbirs. Let me share a real life instance with you. In fact, let me take you to the location. It is all snow covered mountains as far as I can see. We are on one of the top peaks of Himalayas on the border that is common with our neighboring country. Our relations with this neighboring country are not on a good note. Rather there is a lot of energy, life, and ammunitions because of recurring disturbances. So here we have a team of fifty two armymen who are responsible for the safety of this range of border. Our duty includes safety of thirty kilometers on both the directions of our borderline (towards north and south). We have a reserve of ammunitions for this purpose. These include twenty five long-range missiles, hundred artilleries, and five gypsies.

Second Lieutenant Kabir is the only contact between our camp and the base headquarter in city that is over hundred kilometers away. Every fortnight Kabir visits us driving his army truck loaded with petrol to equip us with fresh supplies of petrol and diesel. Along with petrol and diesel, he also brings the ration and other necessary items for our camp. That includes, food, fruits, juices, gas cylinders, etc. For safety reasons, one section of his truck always carries heavy artillery to help any camp in case of a crisis. Because he visits many camps uphill and downhill on the way. That way, he is carrying a huge responsibility on his shoulders to ensure that my country is safe. But his always smiling face indicates his confidence and faith in himself.

My Country Is Safe If Everyone Stays Alert

Two hours back our camp has come under heavy attack by neighboring country army. It is the wee hours of early morning. In fact, it has happened so silently that there was not a single alarm about this severe risk. It has been a disastrous bomb attack and the whole camp has blown away. Only two persons, Sukhbir and I are alive. Rest 50 soldiers are either dead or seriously wounded. We two are alive because we were on a gypsy round towards north of our borderline. In fact, We are hardly five kilometers away from our camp and just now the thunderous bombing has alerted us. We can imagine the impact and are doubtful if anyone would be safe in the camp. I quickly take out my wireless set and try connecting with our city camp for quick assistance. I can not.

India’s Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers (L) patrol the fenced border with Pakistan near Jammu February 24, 2010. Indian border guards said their troops came under fire from Pakistan on Wednesday, a day before the two nuclear-armed neighbours are set for the first official talks since the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Pakistan denied any shooting by its troops, said Nadeem Raza, a spokesman for Pakistan’s paramilitary Rangers. REUTERS/Mukesh Gupta (INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR – Tags: MILITARY POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)
My Country is Safe and Alert

It is now on Sukhbir and I to ensure to hold them until we are able to contact our base camp in the city for sending us backup forces. It is important to save this camp as it was strategically in a very important position on the border. Sukhbir rushes gypsy towards the camp. Our first target is to reach our reserves of petrol. And we are hardly two kilometers away now. The reserve is made a little away from camp so as to ensure its safety. But all efforts have gone in vain, as the store house also is blown through the powerful bombs of enemy. Petrol in any case is critical to fire missiles. There is least hope now to control enemies and save our camp. Anyhow we keep driving towards our blown away camp position to see if anyone had survived.

My Country Is Safe And Secured

All the fifty are dead. It is horrible to see all of them around, all lifeless and motionless. I can see a small troop of enemies coming form the other side of the border, towards our camp. In next thirty minutes it would be here and will capture our camp. We two would not be able to hold them for long. Something is urgent to happen to help us and country. Sukhbir notices the headlights of a truck coming from city side downhill on the road. The truck that looks like army truck, is coming uphill towards our camp. Only Kabir uses to come towards camp in these hours but since he had visited just three days back, his next turn was after twelve days. The truck would reach us in next fifteen minutes and if it is Kabir, it would be miracle. We will get enough petrol.

This is the last hope. The petrol will be sufficient enough to fire our missiles and control enemy across the border itself. Then they will not dare to cross the border and capture our camp. But it can happen only if is it Kabir in the truck and he is coming to our camp for some reason that we don’t know. The gap is decreasing between enemy troops and our camp. They are about to touch borderline to cross across this side. And all of a sudden we see Kabir reaching us along with truck full with petrol and diesel reservoirs. The first missile that we fire from our end is enough to reduce the enemy’s current troop size to zero. Next troop would take another two hours. Now we have enough amount of additional artilleries, missiles etc. to handle the situation till evening.

My Country is safe, Brave, and Bold

We both are curious to know from Kabir how he was here without any schedule and prior information. What he told is astonishing. Kabir was passing through our hill towards the camp situated in next hill, fifty kilometers away when he heard thunderous bombing and could imagine the disaster happened at our camp. He turned his truck towards our camp, and at the same time signaling the base camp about the incident. He was the one to ensure to reach us within time, before enemy troops could touch our land. Though he had to over-speed his truck and overrule the standard driving norms. His message to base camp brings all backup in time. We have enough air and land assistance within four hours and the camp is now completely safe from enemy.

The darkest hour of the night is fading away with dawn and so are our fears of losing our camp. Salute to Kabirs and Sukhbirs of my country.

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