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No to Guilt…

By Drowqueen

We all do things in life we shouldn’t do.  We don’t eat right.  We don’t exercise or we don’t lose weight.  We postpone plans.  We avoid things.  We put off making appointments.  And we carry guilt.  Guilt adds to the burdens we already carry around with us each day.  I realize that it is easier said than done, but why is it so hard to make a plan.  The guilt has the power to control you and ruin your life.  Why not turn the tables around?

There are many hills in life.  Sometimes we are climbing up, and other times we have to go down.  Since August, I have let the hills take me down.  I really have.  I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but everything that was going on in my life was getting to me.  I was letting other people in my life add their problems to mine and no one was throwing me a lifeline.  It finally dawned on me in “No”vember, that it was time for me to take control once again.  I don’t even remember handing over the reins to guilt, but there it was having a great time taking me where it wanted.

Several friends were in the middle of huge problems that had nothing to do with me.  I felt guilty saying to them that I really couldn’t help them.  These problems were beyond me, yet as I listened I felt like I was responsible for helping them out in some way.  I really needed a break, and should have found a way to say it.  Unfortunately, I have always felt responsible for helping people come up with plans to handle things.

So to continue on my journey in “No”vember, I am yanking back the reins.  I am going to re-new the gym membership I let lapse and get back to my hot yoga class.  I am making my plan and I hope you make yours.  Namaste.

“I feel like I want to take care of everyone and I also feel this terrible guilt if I am unable to. And I have felt this way ever since all this success started.“  ~Jim Carrey

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