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Numbers Down the Row

Posted on the 12 January 2013 by Gandbblog
I really like those posts that kind of flow. I just think and write and then I am done. It sounds a lot like blogging...doesn't it? Here's an update on my week. No holds barred. Is that how you say that?
1. Kids all up in my grill this week. I think the beginning of a semester is a lot like walking through a maze. Except there's no roasting marshmallows, or hay rides, or any of that awesome shaz. It's just a bleepin mess. That is all.
2. Parents all up in my grill this week. So your kid is in college and you're freaking out because that's your baby and you wanna make sure everything is going well for them. Sure. Absolutely, you do that! But, don't yell at me if your beautiful baby didn't tell you that you need to pay us a butt load of money for the semester. It's not my fault they check everything on the internet but their student email account. The end.
3. Its been weirdly hot here and I hate it. 70s and humid in January, no thank you. You can take that down to the carribean where it belongs. I don't need that and neither does my naturally curly hair.
4. If I see one more Proactiv commercial, I am going to scream. I swear that's the only reason I don't watch the MTV channel anymore (other than the bad reality shows. Washington Heights, really?). All these zit faced kids. Geez, get it together (says the lady with the adult on set acne).
5. I freakin love the song, "It's Time" by the Imagine Dragons. Too much air play on the radio makes me a happy girl. I have that on repeat. Makes me feel like I can change the world...or something. Not to mention its played on every commercial right now. True story.
6. I am watching How I Met Your Mother daily, PLL premiere twice, and Teen Mom 2 episodes over and over. Yes, I am 14.
7. If I could eat pizza everyday, I would. Oh wait, this week, I have...
8. My husband and I eat lunch everyday at noon. He got a job right next door to the college. I kinda love it.
9. I am thinking of starting Turbo Fire. The videos look really fun and intense. I am ready to get rid of some of this fat and firm my buns up! Yes! Has anyone tried Turbo Fire? What did you think?
10. Because 10 is a good round number...I am ready to get our coffee bar up and ready in our house. My dad gave us a vanity they are not using. Took the sink off and put some wood on top. It's the perfect sized cabinet to place our Keurig, mugs, odds and ends, stirrers, coffee...ya know. I will show pics when its all done! Exciting!
What about you? How was your week? 
Numbers Down the RowNumbers Down the RowNumbers Down the RowNumbers Down the RowNumbers Down the Row
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