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O God, I Want to Earn My Bachelor Degree Asap

Posted on the 23 November 2012 by Arwinkim
I have wasted one year of my life doing nothing as I dropped out myself from Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Hasanuddin University in 2008. It was because I chose wrong department when I enrolled on SNMPTN. I don't want to regret this anymore.
One year is not a short time. I want to pay it by earning my bachelor degree asap but it seems difficult to sign up for the pre-thesis next month.  The problem is simple, my proposal (chapter 1 to 3) isn't yet finished well. Besides, I read only once the drama as my object of analysis.In short, I am not ready eventually I can finish it within two days before the due time of the submission on Sunday 26/11. Moreover, I heard the proof of SPP payment and KRS from semester 1 to this semester might be enclosed with the proposal. Crap, some of my those documents are missing. I have to deal with them with my advisor and the bank where I paid it at.

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