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Obsessed with Work

Posted on the 04 December 2012 by Missliabilities
I can count on one hand the instances I cared about what would happen at work on a day I had scheduled off.
1) The times I had to close the convenience store and was worried that it would burn down because I left the grill on.
2) When they changed seating at my last job and I was hoping I was next to a window.
3) Two weeks ago when I had a hangover and had to call off work and felt embarrassed about it.
Since my job no longer includes grills, fryers, or other hazardous equipment that can catch fire when I leave it on overnight - I haven't gone to sleep worried much in the past three years. On vacations and weekends, the laptop and phone rarely come on and when they do it's to make people on Facebook jealous of my time off rather than respond to work. This is one reason becoming a tax partner has no appeal for me - I don't want to be contacted EVER on my days off. My cubicle hunch, my seven strands of gray hair, and frown lines that never smooth out are all proof that I deserve a vacation work-free.
I understand some professions, like the one my silly boyfriend chose, may require you to respond to work calls. But for my co-workers who do the same thing as me, who work in the same surroundings as me are baffling because they want to be kept up to date on the happenings of the office when they aren't in it.
Example: Meredith, a girl who has been out of college for five years, works 80 hours a week during tax season and 50 when we aren't busy. Instead of saying "No, I can't take on another assignment because I haven't slept in two days," she tries to take it on and ends up working 90 hours sleep deprived. When I leave after my 8 hour day, which no one else has any qualms with, she glares at me disapproving. Last week she took the day off for her CPA exam (we get four days a year to sit for the exam), and she texted me asking what was going on the office. Um, absolutely nothing since you left 12 hours ago. What did she expect me to say? "Anna found out she was pregnant and then gave birth on the lunchroom table. Can't believe you weren't here!"?? Then she came in for an hour anyways though her project is not due until February.
I know everyone has their own priorities, but if it's between a $100 bonus and a $200 bonus working 500 hours a year more is not worth it. Otherwise, you're driving yourself into an early, lonely death.
What kind of worker are you/were you at your job? Did you encounter these over-working Merediths?

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