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Post Birthday Post 2012

Posted on the 25 April 2012 by Blessmybag @blessmybag


I wrote this on my Facebook wall 2 minutes after my birthday yesterday was over: “With every single thing I think I’m not God sees a thread worth weaving into my life tapestry. Today was one of the simplest yet most meaningful birthdays ever. It’s funny how when you age more in a certain way you expect less. I didn’t expect to feel the way I did today…I felt way younger than I actually am today and I haven’t felt the youth in my spirit hop and skip in a really long time. I’m glad it did today. Thank you, Lord.”

Post Birthday Post 2012

I’m 29 but a lot of people I meet still think I’m in college or a fresh graduate or on odd occasions my 15 year old brother’s date lol!  “What’s the secret?” lots of them ask, and all I can answer is a mix of cosmic genes does help but ultimately I truly believe that a commitment to Spiritual purity I made when I was in high school that I’ve fought, nearly broken, but fought to stick by has made an enormous difference.  Purity in Spirit manifests itself in the physical realm and I’m nowhere perfect (take for example my constant failure to begin a fitness regimen) but Jesus helps me everyday with any weakness I might have and I’ll get stronger if I choose to.  I do fight for purity in a lifestyle that everyone sees.  I’ve offended people, I’ve been honest, I’ve made people uncomfortable without meaning to do so (I’ve said this before lol sirang plaka) and it’s been hard especially in the past two years.  What I fight against is the belief that a balance of good and bad is what keeps you happy and gives you excitement and an enjoyable life.  For me the best example is this, when you double dip chips into dip…nothing happens immediately to the dipping sauce but it begins to fester from the bacteria of saliva, no matter how little may have contaminated it once its been put away right “No Double Dipping”.  It’s God in all this who makes where I am and who I strive to be a reality.  Spiritual Purity is one of the best anti-aging secrets I believe in and only Jesus makes it possible.  Thank you, Lord, for saving me not once, but everyday that I live.  My 29th year is going to be a blast and the best is yet to come.

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By Metin
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Great review! i agree with you guys that if eehlna keeps mopping after stefan, I won't really care for her character anymore, I need to see her do more. i am really interested in caroline/ tyler storyline; i think these two have a lot of chemistry. I hope this season will bring more on the originals i am really intrested in their story. wow stefan is so interesting now and the way he just compelled Andy to jump was downright creepy.