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Reasons Why the UK is Better Than Ohio

Posted on the 22 June 2017 by Ravenswingthog @ravenswingthog
Reasons why the UK is better than Ohio
Well, I just felt like listing a few of the things that make the UK better than Ohio.
  • The UK is twice as big as Ohio (242,900 sq.km versus 116,096 sq.km)
  • The UK has far more population (65 million versus 11 million) making us far more productive
  • The UK's GDP is far more ($2.79T versus $0.53T)
  • We don't have dogs that pretend to be doctors
  • Our workforces don't run on doughnuts
  • We don't dip our fries in slushies
  • Home Depot, Target, Kroger, and Walmart sound like esoteric destinations to us
  • We don't wear buckeye necklaces
  • We have proper pies, gravy, and sausage rolls

Reasons why the UK is better than Ohio
Consider this an opening salvo Tim.  I look forward to your response, I imagine it will be freshly composed using your new iPad Pro.

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