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Thankvember on November 7: I Am So Grateful for My Passionate, Opinionated Children!

Posted on the 07 November 2012 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Luvmibabies3I will tell anyone who stands close to me I have the world’s most amazing children and I am head over heels grateful for each and all of them.

Not only do they share DNA with me and certain physical features with me, they also seem to have inherited my passion for life itself. The latest in their line of wonderfulness is my humble yet proud realization my children not only know what their opinions are, they are also able to discuss them knowledge and the facts.

Emma recently wrote two articles for her school newspaper – did I mention as a sophomore she is the managing editor – that might make her very unpopular for her stance on women’s rights, reproductive rights and bullying of both gay and straight students. She wrote clearly with a combination of humor and a presentation of the facts. She never degraded others who disagree with her – she simply stood strong for what she believes.

Katherine recently showed via Skype her passion for equality. She is studying in Scotland at University of Edinburgh. Her father was saying something very degrading about women and their right for equal pay. Both daughters stiffened, but Katherine looked as if she had been jolted with electricity. Rather than argue with her father who has chosen to be positional, she made her statement and said, “And that’s all I will say right now.”

Not only is Katherine studying Religion with the aims of being a Presbyterian Pastor, she is rather liberal in her political leanings yet she worked alongside some fellow Christians this Summer who were aligned with the Religious Right. She was able to work with them, side by side, standing on principles rather than politics.

How many other people are able to do this?

I know I have a problem with it much of the time.

Samuel, my baby, is deeply immersed in certain subjects. Right now he is, naturally, curious about the electoral process. We were discussing the next presidential campaign and I talked about the primary process and then thought the conversation was over. He said, “Tell me more about the 2016 election.”

He knows how to research anything and does, regularly, to share facts with me I never knew. This morning I planted a seed about a trip to Yosemite during the Winter break and I know he will start studying it now, and he said, “Emma doesn’t like going to adventure places,” noting concern for his sister. He was excited about the snow.

We only talked about video games once in our entire conversation. Did I mention he has high functioning autism?

When I was a child I was afraid to share my most passionate beliefs and opinions. The only time I remember them coming in handy is when I won a debate in the eighth grade about the death penalty. It was me versus two boys. I see photos of myself from that era and I was extremely unfortunate looking to say the least. I was awkward and uncomfortable and didn’t like myself much.

Thankvember ButtonThe two boys I debated were popular kids.

My passion and knowledge slayed them.

Perhaps this is where the genesis of my children’s behavior now. As I have often said, “I am the rough draft for my children.” They are a vast improvement over me.

I am so grateful for each and all of my vastly different and very alike children.

 This post was written and shared due to the Thankvember Gratitude project created by Shai Smith at the Vagabond Studio.

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© 2012 by Julie Jordan Scott

  Julie Jordan Scott has been a Life & Creativity Coach, Writer, Facilitator and Teleclass Leader since 1999. She is also an award winning Actor, Director, Artist and Mother Extraordinaire. She was twice the StoryTelling Slam champion in Bakersfield. She leads Writing Camp with JJS & next year she will be traveling throughout the US to bring this unique, fun filled creative experience to the people wherever she finds the passion & the interest.

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