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The Love Letter

Posted on the 13 November 2012 by Nelton @neltondsouza

They say there's a lot more to love than we can make of it. Unless one experiences it’s various he/she will never be able to fully understand it. I too had a similar experience which if nothing else definitely made me wiser. I happened to be travelling in one of Bombay’s locals around Valentine’s Day. The city in every sense romantic added to the fever. The slightly chill in the winds ensured that the love in the air would make Valentine’s Day warm and cosy. I casually glanced around the compartment and saw people lost in their own world. Some over the phone or chatting with their fellow passengers, some listening to music, some catching on the day’s news while some just to themselves. As it’s easy to miss the obvious I overlooked the person sitting right in front of me. A young man in his thirties was all to himself doing something that we men aren’t used to – atleast in public. He was crying on reading a letter that he took out from his shirt pocket every now and then. He was looking outside the window as if hoping that the wind blowing in his face would dry away his tears but they just kept rolling down.    What was troubling my fellow passenger? I had to know, that too with my station fast approaching I had to know fast. To my good luck the seat next to him got vacant and I made a quick move. I waited patiently for the letter to come out again and it did. It was from his daughter asking him to be her valentine. On reading the letter I learnt that we have confused love with gifts and soft toys and chocolates. We have somehow somewhere down the line forgotten that there are so many ways to love. My fellow passenger had received love from the one who loved him and he loved the most, while I received enlightenment. And then I too shed a tear.

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