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The Things She Says

Posted on the 05 November 2012 by Thehouseofhuff @Houseofhuff
This post is honestly just for me to keep record of the funny things Mia says/does.  She is such a character to put it mildly.  And you know what, I wouldn’t trade that child, or her witty personality and spunkiness for anything!!
Over heard in the back seat:
* Mia talking to her 3 year old cousin on the way home from AWANA: “Jazz, say your verse.  God is truthful.”  Jazz: “God is truthful.” Mia:  “Good girl Jazz!!  You get a sticker!”
* Mia again talking to her 3 year old cousin, this time about Meme’s dog Mash:  Jazz: “Is Mass going?”  Mia:  “Jazz, it’s MaSH.  Say it, Mm,Mm, Mm Mash!” (As she is pronouncing like she is an English teacher).  Jazz:  “MASS.” Mia: “No Jazz, say it slower.  Mm,Mm,Mm MaSH!”
Overheard in her room:
*Mia talking to cousin:  “Here baby, lets put your shoes on!”  As she is helping cousin put her shoes on.
I mean really, how am I not supposed to laugh? She is her mother’s daughter :)  She is so stinking bossy and motherly!
For anyone who knows my daughter…

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