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Posted on the 26 November 2012 by Owlandtwine
Today.Today.Today.Today.It was the little things today that held me up.  The little things always come through when things come up like a little one home sick, a broken espresso machine.  It was warmth from hands wrapped around a cup filled and refilled throughout the day of mint tea - a welcome from the past days of holiday snacking and rich foods.  It was a crisp white bowl filled with fresh clementines.  It was a new wreathe - alive and smelling of pine, sap, damp earth, winter - hung on our front door ushering in the season.  It was switching up the blog layout to three columns instead of two just because I felt the need for a little something different in this space.  It was a gift given to me today from a higher source, I do believe, to watch an owl take flight from our backdoor seconds after a flock of Canadian geese flew over it.  This wee bit of a lot we live on, still wild.  Yes, the little things always come through.  I do so hope there's been a little wild and wonderful in your day, too.

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