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Valentine’s Day

Posted on the 10 February 2013 by Killmenow @lbigfoot

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Valentine’s Day is fast arriving, it is a few days away. Help! Kill Me Now! I am in a relationship, about to get married and I am faced with this festival of marketing. Shall I say it again, “Kill Me Now!”

Valentine's DayDo I buy her chocolates? Flowers? Strawberries? A dinner? A movie? Lingerie? All of the above? Maybe a late night dinner in the Champs Élysées followed by me washing the dishes as I will probably not be able to afford it seeing as how I do not live in France. Is it worth even dreaming about?

I have had so many emails telling me to buy her this and buy her that. How do they know I am in a relationship? Have they Googled me? Or checked my Facebook status? Or are they just sending me emails in the hope that I may splurge? If I wasn’t in a relationship, would it be any less depressing?

Valentine's Day

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How many other marketing days are there? Actually many: Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Family Day and that does not include religious holidays! Does anyone not think that it is strange that Father Christmas’s uniform is very reminiscent of the colors of Coca Cola? It may very well be simply a coincidence, or maybe a great marketing ploy.

Here is another article I wrote about Valentine’s Day. I wonder what will happen if I do not splurge for this festival? Will I be a social outcast? What do you think?


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