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Veganuary, Does It Interest You?

Posted on the 21 January 2014 by Umkhaloodie

I’ve seen a hashtag trending lately on Instagram and twitter #veganuary
Well, what exactly is it?
It’s going vegan… For a month.
Why do people do it? It seems, these people aren’t against animal products and they just fancy a one month detox. Does it work? A lot of research says yes, it actually does.
Do we need meat at all? We all know red meat is a killer but what about chicken? There are definitely lots of other food sources for protein.
I might try it- I’m tempted. I cut out red meat a long time ago, (cheat day doesn’t apply) but imagine no meat- no dairy… I’m not sure how I could survive without my skimmed milk… Soya can’t be that bad though right? Hmmm…
Perhaps il just cut out meat and see how I go.
If anyone has gone vegan, let me know. Would love to hear from you.

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