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10 Surprising Benefits of Positive Thinking

Posted on the 11 March 2019 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
10 surprising benefits of positive thinking

When I say that I am going to list 10 surprising benefits of positive thinking (and why you should make it a habit), are you tempted to roll your eyes and walk away?

Truth is, I don't blame you. Today there's so much chatter around this topic, you may consider it a passing trend that's okay to ignore.

But seriously, does anyone really know what they're talking about when they tell you to " think positive " and "just get on with it?" What does it really mean?

Let's dig deeper!

What is positive thinking?

In a nutshell, positive thinking is the practice of maintaining an upbeat mental attitude and envisioning a favorable future. In other words, it's approaching situations with the standpoint of the "glass is half-full" (rather than half-empty).

Why is positive thinking important?

Studies have shown that positive thinking may help you feel less stressed and even improve your overall health. And when you feel better, you're more apt to accomplish your goals and inspire others. And who doesn't want to do that? Also-dwelling over the negative stuff doesn't get you anywhere. Sure, you can rant a bit, but after venting, it is best to move on, right? Why not spend your energy in a way that will benefit you?

But is positive thinking even possible?

You bet it is! However, positive thinking may not come naturally to you. Like so many other activities, it requires patience and practice. The good news is that anyone can learn how to focus on the good.

How to develop a positive attitude

  • Stop beating yourself up: put a stop to any negative self-talk.
  • Envision a joyous life: where do you want to be in the near future?
  • Don't be defeated by obstacles: try and try again!
  • Repeat positive affirmations: remind yourself of what's good!

It takes time before positive thinking becomes an automatic response to any given situation. Sometimes it will be difficult to remain optimistic, but setbacks are normal. Certainly, knowing the good that could come from "thinking positive" will encourage you to keep working on it.

10 surprising benefits of positive thinking 10 surprising benefits of positive thinking

10 surprising benefits of positive thinking

We don't expect you to be sunny and bright every second of every day, but when you invite in happy thoughts, you're more apt to stay focused on goals and get things done. Simply put, as you accomplish more, your confidence and your mood soars.

Studies have shown that folks who express gratitude on a regular basis complain less about physical ailments. It's not a stretch to think that if you focus on negative thoughts, your physical body may react in a negative way, too.

A positive outlook may help cardiac patients live longer, more comfortable lives. Evidence suggests that if you are less stressed, there is less of a strain on your heart. What's more, when you feel good, you're more inclined to make smarter, healthier choices in everyday life.

When you exhibit a positive attitude, people will want to be around you and hear what you've got to say. Good energy is contagious (as is bad energy), so be prepared to welcome others into your spotlight. Try it now!

When you think positively, you're more open to new experiences and to trying new things. This, in turn, helps you grow as a person. Whether that means signing up for a new activity like CrossFit, learning a new craft hobby like knitting, or trying out a new food like quark cheese, positivity will give you the mindset to welcome new experiences.

When you try to make an important phone call and are put on hold for more than three minutes, it's tough not to get annoyed. But here's how positive thinking can re-frame this scenario: use the downtime to multitask! Try doing the dishes or checking email while you wait for your call to be picked up.

When you've stopped filling your mind with feelings of concern or failure, you've made space for creative and inspiring thoughts to take root and grow. And for stress to pack up its bags and go!

Tired of getting pesky colds? Researchers have found that positive thoughts allow for a more positive immune reaction to a flu shot!

Brainstorming is a terrific way to come up with new ideas - whether you're planning a trip, redecorating your home, or making family dinner - you're apt to stretch your imagination when you're in an optimistic frame of mind. With the help of positive thinking, you'll no longer be stuck in a rut!

Setting a positive example for your kids and other members of the younger generation is one the very best things you can do. Certainly, it's key to building a strong, lasting, reliable community. We guarantee that your upbeat attitude will impact those around you and resonate in the moment and beyond.

Positive results

As you can see from the list above, good things come to those who "think positive." For example, being optimistic is thought to improve your mental and physical health and is believed to jump start productivity. But perhaps the most important reason to encourage positive thinking is because a sunny outlook has proven to be beneficial not just to yourself, but to those around you as well.

Do you practice positive thinking?

How has it benefited you?

Please share in the comments!

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