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100/ Exactly What We See

Posted on the 22 September 2021 by Rarasaur @rarasaur

The fogless mirror in the shower catches a cloud and for the first time, I cannot stare back into my own eyes while drifting into steam-drenched think. A droplet peels from the rind of the showerhead and I see my full self in it; upside-down, tiny.

At the gallery, there are mirrors everywhere. A clay bowl reflects just in front of itself, and a boy standing on the ground before it asks his mom if she can see what he sees. When she shakes her head, he smiles at me.

"So. It's a secret then."

Yes, I suppose it is.

. . .

100 word posts to shake off the writing dust. ❤

100/ exactly what we see mirrors, self image is a secret we can't help but keep i suppose

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