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10th Birthday, Billy Carts & Unicorn Horn Failure

Posted on the 18 September 2018 by Suzanne Robinson @mummy2twinsblog

Last Thursday (the 13th) was the girls 10th birthday.

I was busy getting everything ready for the twins birthday week and birthday party on the weekend.

Wednesday night I stayed up late creating cupcakes for each kids classroom. Due to the girls being in different classes I had to create over 50 cupcakes!

The total for the cupcakes was 56 and also one very tired mummy.

10th Birthday, Billy Carts & Unicorn Horn Failure

I ended up going to bed at 11.50pm and of course, Alexander woke at 4.20am and decided to stay up all day! He would not go to bed.

I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Alex eventually fell asleep in the car on the way to pick the kids up from school. Typical! After we got home I put him to bed and he slept until 4am the next morning. Yes again with waking at 4am!

Wednesday after school the twins wanted to purchase birthday presents for each other. They both have their own Spriggy Cards. (Spriggy Cards is a debit card just for kids. A modern way to do pocket money)

Each kid had their cards and raced around BigW getting a present for her sister. (More on the blog soon about the Spriggy Cards - If you wish to get a Spriggy Card for your kids here is my referral code: TWINSPLUSONE.)

Each kid came up and showed me what they got their sister and each kid got the same things.
I asked if they talked to her sister and I got told no, so the only thing I can think is that they are definitely identical twins.

I don't know how they did it but everything was the same! Once home each kid wrapped their presents for each other and was very happy with themselves as they have never bought presents for each other on their birthday before.

You might think that two sleepless nights due to Alexander waking early and staying up late to organise birthday things were bad, but I've had about three or more weeks of Alexander waking at all hours and I'm so tired.

Not only was the twins birthday Thursday and Wednesday was busy, but the twins also had Billy Card Derby on Friday.

I stayed at school all day to see them race as they were teaming up with different kids and their races were at different times.

The Billy Cart Derby happens every two years at the girl's school. It is a huge fundraiser for the school to purchase much-needed equipment.

Next time the Billy Cart Derby will happen the girls will be in grade six (last year of primary) and it will be around the same time as their birthday too.

Being at the school all day meant that no cake for the Saturday birthday party got made.

I was exhausted! Now I needed to make a cake during the evening and all I wanted to do is go to bed.

I decided for the first time to purchase some sponges from the supermarket and just decorate them. This is the first year I have not made a cake and only purchased some due to being so tired.

Vanilla and chocolate sponges purchased from Woolworths and all I needed to do is ice, and decorate.

It ended up being late Friday night and I couldn't get the unicorn horn right.

The twins requested a unicorn cake this year, however, I feel that I need lessons to get the horn looking better.

Hubby and others thought that it looked like pooh or like a penis... yes sad but true! I think kids liked it and due to being so tired I think the cake was not the best it could be.

I couldn't get the icing to sit on the wooden skewer so had to mold it more. No detail was shown and it was too fat!

I also used natural food dye this time and it didn't go into the icing for the horn. I ended up putting glittery decorations on it instead. Maybe normal food dye would have worked out better.

The girls had their 10th birthday party at Penrith Skatel . Each kid wished to have something different this year. We thought a roller skating party would be fun.

The girls told me that this was the BEST PARTY EVER!

The Skate Rink provided chips and nibbles and we paid a little extra for the hot food option for all kids.

The party food came with an ice cream cake and this was a blessing as it was over 34 degrees on Saturday.

I will do another unicorn cake when I've had more sleep and figure out how to make the horn better. Once organised I will post.

I'm happy the kids had a great birthday, roller skating party and billy cart derby day was a success too.

This success was good regardless of the unicorn horn failure... I did make it look pretty.

Have you had a cake fail? Did it matter? Or just to you?

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10th Birthday, Billy Carts & Unicorn Horn Failure10th Birthday, Billy Carts Unicorn Horn Failure

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