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12 Days of Christmas-Day 7

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Musingsbychar

Day 7--Seven Swans A'Swimming 
12 Days of Christmas-Day 7
Seven swans a'swimming are proving to be pretty elusive in regards to some deeper "meaning"  other than the religious one.  So let's do some brainstorming about what the giver could possibly mean by giving his/her true love seven swans a'swimming.   Well first of all we all know seven is a lucky number and considered  the number of God and then we come to the swans themselves.   Most of us think of grace and beauty when we think of a swan.  There is something very beautiful about these white birds that seem timeless.   So I could see why someone might give their love something with a swan with the idea of it being representative of timeless beauty and grace. Who knows maybe the "swimming"   part meant they were giving their true love a piece of real estate with a lake which just happened to have seven swans living on it.   Hey that would be a great gift wouldn't it!
Since we are talking about timeless beauty and elegance I have several ideas of topics I could share on this topic but I think I will go with my first idea --Seven women I consider represent timeless beauty and grace.  (left to right-Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Barbara Streisand Jackie  Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto
12 Days of Christmas-Day 7

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