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14 Step Heartfulness Meditation to Refresh Yourself

Posted on the 11 September 2019 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
14 step heartfulness meditation to refresh yourself

We talk about mindfulness meditation. But have you heard of heartfulness meditation? It is a gentle practice to refresh yourself at the end of a hectic busy day, to let go of stress and feel light.

Today, in the newsletter from Hay House, I received a note about heartfulness meditation.

What is heartfulness meditation?

Heartfulness goes one step further than meditation to awaken the doorway to perception, destiny and self-awareness: your heart.

Conceptualized by spiritual leader Kamlesh D Patel, fondly known as Daaji, the essential elements of heartfulness include:

  • Relaxation to center ourselves in our hearts. This involves learning a simple relaxation technique that you can practice before you actually begin your meditation, or simply as something to refresh yourself.
  • Meditation on the heart to refine our mind and expand our consciousness, where you connect with the heart, delving into a silent source of openness and peace, observing non-judgmentally.
  • Rejuvenation or cleaning to remove the heaviness of our thoughts, emotions and actions - being in a state of mental rejuvenation and lightness by removing the stressful impressions from undesirable interactions of the day.
  • Contemplation - using heartfulness techniques to reach a state of inner-connection and strength. The mind is given the freedom to introspect, observe, inspire and create.

Heartfulness meditation also helps with self-awareness and self-discovery.

Now let's take our meditation a step further with this 14-step heartfulness meditation practice - it's the best way to refresh yourself at the end of a busy day and restore you to a loving, peaceful state.

What you need for heartfulness meditation

Ideally this can be done at the end of your work day to create that serene vacuum within, as a sort of purification process and shedding the heaviness of the day.

And oh, it is easy to do this-relax and meditate, clean and simplify and connect with your inner self.

Here are the 14 steps to heartfulness meditation

While the process is simple, you need to flow with the 14 steps to heartfulness cleaning, so try and follow the sequence when you practice.

  1. Sit comfortably. Your intention is to cleanse yourself by removing all the impressions accumulated during the day
  2. Close your eyes. Relax.
  3. Imagine all the complexities and impurities are leaving your entire system. Let go of the stress and complex emotions.
  4. They are exiting from your back, from the top of your head to your tailbone.
  5. Visualize them leaving your system as smoke.
  6. Stay alert during this entire process, as if watching clouds passing in the sky.
  7. Gently speed up the process, confidently and with determination, applying your will as needed.
  8. If you find your mind wandering and events of the day coming to mind, gently bring your focus back to the cleaning.
  9. As the day's impressions leave from your back, you'll begin to feel light in your heart.
  10. Continue this process for 20-25 minutes
  11. As you experience inner lightness, you will find it easy to connect with the Source.
  12. Enjoy the current of purity coming from Source and entering your system from the front.
  13. This current flows through your system, removing any remaining complexities and impurities.
  14. You have now returned to a simpler, purer and more balanced state. Every cell in your body radiates simplicity, lightness and purity.

Practice heartfulness meditation to feel renewed and refreshed, especially after you've had a busy day.

14 step heartfulness meditation to refresh yourself 14 step heartfulness meditation to refresh yourself

In his book Designing Destiny: Heartfulness Practices to Find Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Potential, Daaji describes how to use the loving practice of heartfulness and offers more heartfulness practices. Here's the book (affiliate link):

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