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2.2 I Can… Offer My Help to Children.

Posted on the 04 December 2011 by Taniakon @TaniaKon

Based on my previous article and taking into consideration that I haven’t been the best of sisters as a kid, making Nicoletta’s life a living hell, I had been looking for ways to atone myself. Having in mind that I would like to offer as much as possible, I concluded to volunteering. I looked up on the web (thank God for google) and found numerous volunteering organizations and programs and I picked the ones that have to do with kids. After taking into account all the parameters, I was excited to find an Orphanage in my area, close to my home asking for volunteers. I logged in and completed the necessary application. I caught myself waiting impatiently over the phone and only then I realized the necessity I felt, not only to get but also offer my help to other people. While I was waiting for the phone to ring-ring, I found all my old forgotten toys and teddy bears that I used to play with when I was a child. If my toys were alive they’d all say with one voice: Wash us up! So, I started the laundry but the anticipation was eating me alive. Finally I gave up and I decided to give them a call. I spoke to a very sweet lady and booked an appointment. Two days later I put my toys in a box and the sweetest smile on my face, got into my car and went there. The lady who welcomed me was kind and obliging. She informed me about the 100 years old Institution, which functions without any help from the government and for the activities of the 72 girls who inhabit it. I told her that I am a dance instructor and that it would be a pleasure to teach or play, to help with their homework and to be in direct contact with them. The answer that I got was totally unexpected. I will state her exact words: Since we are preparing our annual Christmas Bazaar and there’s a lot of work to be done and we need people to help us, you can come tomorrow to help us in the cracking of the nuts for the Christmas cakes! We don’t know how long it will take us…we’ll stay as much as is needed. The girls will be passing by from time to time and you will see them. What! I was staring at her like a retard. My thoughts of being close to the girls immediately vanished. All my dreams were crushed like nutshells. That’s certainly not the way I imagined the whole experience to be. I would teach them ballet, we would play together, I would tuck them into bed and read them stories, they would confide in me their secrets, give them my advice and so much more… But the only thing I can do for now is crush a tone of nuts. But after giving it some thought, I realized that volunteering has nothing to do with what you’ve dreamt missy, but doing what’s necessary to help the group you chose. And this is how things are. If my cracking nuts can help these kids get a plate of food on their table or a warm coat, then bring on the sacks!  Besides, the Nutcracker happens to be one of my favorite stories and since it’s nearly Christmas, it’s perfectly suitable! I said yes and we shook hands. There’s no greater feeling than offering unconditionally your love and knowing that you will put a smile on the faces of 72 little girls! So in the spirit of Christmas and the Nutcracker, I uploaded Tchaikovsky on my Ipod and off I go to crack some nuts!

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