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25 Things About Me

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
Trying to blog more often and this is a pretty good way to keep at it. A random 15 things about me. Some of the questionnaires were a bit juvenile so I am just going to add random facts about myself. It's my blog so it's about me right??
1. I am still in denial about my dad's passing. This is so hard to get over. Perhaps because the death is so close to my brother's passing. It literally gives me the chills every single day.

2. I dream about my daddy every single night. It's so weird. Like he wants to pass something to me. Something just seems unfinished, not with our relationship but other aspects of his life. Or perhaps it's how I keep him with me all the time?3. I listen to old school jams my daddy played all the time when me and my brothers were kids. It makes me sad and happy.4. I am always wanting to get away. Everyday I go online and look at beautiful places I'd love to travel to. Living in Germany really made me appreciate what the world's got to offer.5. I watch food-centric movies when I am cooking.6. I think way too much into some things. I wish I didn't. 7. Scrubs ALWAYS makes me cry as much as it makes me laugh.8. I collect aprons from different cities. I just started this after we went to Paris.9. My hair is in the awkward stage of length. I have a mullet. I am trying to get creative with the styles to hide it! It usually takes me a good six months. to reach a bit of normalcy all around. When it gets to a nice length I will trim all around.10. Me and my mother argue. But always make-up. She said the sweetest thing, you are as sweet as you are beautiful. I never heard my mother call me beautiful, it was really nice. Not in a vain way, but that she doesn't see me as a lil kid, but a woman and I not just her irritatingly defiant daughter :-)11. Marvin Gaye is my favorite male singer.12. I am really tall. 6'2 to be exact. But when people look at me say, "you're really tall" irritates the HELL out of me. OF COURSE I KNOW THIS. 13. I am a ridiculous worrier.14. I am very impatient. But patient when it really matters.15. I was supposed to do 25 facts about me but that's too much. I think you guys agree too, amirite?

So here are 10 pictures you may have never seen.....aka throwbacks
Baby girl in 200925 Things About Me
Me and my Friend Tessie in the Eiffel Tower's elevator in 2010 that's not us but I am taking the picture lol25 Things About Me
At the zoo in our city! 25 Things About Me
DDs first Halloween not to happy with the Hand-me-down25 Things About Me
Now he's OK?25 Things About Me
Chunky Baby Thighs! I MISS THESE25 Things About Me
JJs surgery25 Things About Me
DD drove us to Munich25 Things About Me
Chris made Amara's cake for her 2nd birthday! Peppa Pig. He tried! Good daddy25 Things About Me
My Handsome Man heading to his German Kindergarten25 Things About Me
Man looking through these pics made me teary eyed. They grow so fast. Live for now and cherish every moment. Sometimes it seems like it's something so easy to forget.
Thanks for reading!!!!
25 Things About Me

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