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Posted on the 07 June 2013 by Gandbblog @GandBblog
Today I am 27 years old. Yikes. How did this happen?
So, in honor of my birthday I will tell you 27 things you may or may not know about me.
1. I have naturally curly hair and I HATE it. I wish I had bone-straight blah hair. I really do.
2. I hated pink for about 7 years and I am starting to like it again. I don't really know why.
3. My dream house would be a lake cottage filled to the brim with vintage/antique/eclectic pieces.
4. The night before my 5th birthday I tumbled down the stairs and hit the wall with my head and put a giant hole in it. I also had a goose egg on my head at my birthday party. Happy Birthday to me. Womp, womp.
5. I was not allowed to have a boy/girl birthday party until I turned 10. One boy came. Poor guy.
6. Sleepovers gave me anxiety as a kid, and to this day, I still get a little anxious when I am not in my own bed.
7. I do not like beets. I cannot trust a vegetable that is burgundy.
8. My celeb crush is Jimmy Kimmel. He's hilarious.
9. If I could do a movie with one actor it would be Vince Vaughn. He's pretty funny too. I would climb him like a tree.
10. When I was 2 or 3 years old my mom signed me up for swimming lessons. And by swimming lessons I mean they literally threw my non-swimming self into the pool and I sank to the bottom. Let's just say there were a couple of lawsuits.
11. I had no idea I would tell you so many traumatizing stories today.
12. My first kiss was in a church. I know. I am a rebel.
13. I really like the smell of bleach. It's not recommended that you breathe in bleach, but the clean smell I like. I don't know.
14. I do not like maxi dresses/skirts, mainly because I don't really get them.
15. My mom keeps trying to make me wear maxi dresses/skirts. Maybe that's why?
16. I have never eaten fish, except for Captain D's, which doesn't really count. I only eat shrimp at seafood restaurants.
17. I like to quote movies at random times. It's even better when the other one knows what movie I am talking about. "Ma, the meatloaf!!!!"
18. I still watch "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills". Don't judge.
19. I seriously love to cook, especially improvised meals.They always turn out the best. For some reason...
20. When I am stressed out I dream about tornadoes.
21. My dream growing up was to be an actress or singer. I literally watched "Annie" a million times. I am pretty sure during that phase my parents weren't sure the sun would be out tomorrow. I annoyed them so much.
22. I was also an avid hairbrush singer growing up.
23. Listening to Beyonce makes me feel hot and powerful. Don't lie. She makes you feel that way too.
24. I could eat turtle cheesecake everyday. I can also eat an entire sweet potato pie by myself.
25. A lot of these are about food. Weird.
26. I was 26 last year.
27. My niece is so cute and since she turned one she looks totally big and different and precious.
Looking forward to what 27 years young holds. Please let it be better!

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