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4 Steps To Happiness

Posted on the 05 November 2019 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
4 Steps To Happiness

Here's a poem (author unknown) that simply and beautifully describes the four steps to happiness. More than that, it emphasizes the fact that each one of is unique and we should celebrate our uniqueness. I had come across this a long time ago in a book and saved it. While going through my stuff, I came across it again and felt as inspired as I did the first time I read it. Enjoy!

4 Steps To Happiness 4 Steps To Happiness

4 Steps to happiness

4 Steps To Happiness 4 Steps To Happiness

Just imagine-how remarkable and miraculous it is to be YOU.

Millions and trillions of people are born on this earth, but not one of them is like you!

Nobody, but NOBODY who has come and gone or is yet to come has this unique combination of your skills, talents, looks, friends, problems, and opportunities. Why, nobody's hair grows the way yours does. Nobody has your fingerprints. And definitely no one has your unique sense of humor and the insider jokes and facial expressions that you have.

Sure there are people who are amused at what amuses you-but they do not sneeze or cough exactly like you. Nobody loves or is loved by the same people that you do.

It's because you are completely unique!

Celebrate that uniqueness. 4 Steps To Happiness 4 Steps To Happiness

Practice the 4 steps to happiness.

Enjoy it. Don't even try to pretend to be like someone else. You were not meant to be like them! No need to hide parts of you wishing they were different.

You are different. At no point in time will the same things going on in your mind or your soul be going through someone else's mind.

If you had not been born, there would be a huge gap in history, a missing piece in the puzzle that's mankind.

Cherish your uniqueness. It is an exclusive gift meant for you-so rejoice in it, share it.

No one can mean what you mean to others in exactly the same way. No one can talk like you or express themselves the way you do. No one can love like you do. No one can smile the way you do and definitely no one can have the same impact that you have on another person.

Let people know how unique you are. Let it flow through your family, your friends, the people you connect with in the course of your day.

You are a gift-let people enjoy you.

Let people be inspired by you!

You are enough exactly as you are!

What do you think?

Do you believe in the four steps to happiness?

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