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5 Guilty Pleasures

Posted on the 04 June 2013 by M00kyst @mookyst
I received an e-mail from a guy called Ricky who asked me if I was doing a Q&A (which I wasn't/am not planning on doing right now by the way) and if I was if I could answer his question about guilty pleasures. Like I said, I'm not planning on doing a Q&A yet but his question was so awesome I thought I'd answer it by itself in this blog. So yeah, thanks for the e-mail Ricky!

His question was "What are your 5 guilty pleasures in these areas? 1: Music 2: Movies 3:TV 4: Food and 5: Games".

5 Guilty Pleasures
Just before I get on with my answers I just want to say again what an awesome question and e-mail this was. If you have anything like this that's pretty quirky that you'd like me to answer, send me an e-mail at: [email protected] 

Also I just want to say that due to being extremely busy with various things I likely won't write another article till late this week or early next week. Sorry.
Anyway, let's get to this.

1: Music

I like a lot of types of music, from Slipknot to Oasis, however some of my tastes are a little what you might call 'unusual', for a guy at least. For instance I'm a big fan of Ellie Goulding and Alex Winston, both of which are female pop singers. However despite this I wouldn't call them 'guilty pleasures' because they're not really, well, odd or cheesy or in any way silly or, for me anyway, embarrassing. If I listened to 1D or Justin Bieber then sure, you could say those were guilty pleasures, but Ellie Goulding and Alex Winston? Well....Not really...

The band I would actually class as my guilty pleasure isn't actually one you might expect. I'd probably say Escape The Fate are my guilty pleasure of music. Why? Well they may be 'rock' slash 'screamo' and might be the type of band you'd expect a guy or someone like me who likes Slipknot to like, but they're one the most teenagery, cheesy band. 

5 Guilty Pleasures

Oh God look a them. So fucking generic and teenagery and emo.....Man I love them.

First of all their music is, as I mentioned, teenagery. I'm not a 14 year old emo that likes to sit and mull over how much my life sucks. ETF's songs are very much generic, emo-y and silly. But I fucking love them. 

I love Slipknot for Corey Taylor's brilliant vocals and angry tone and loud voice. I love them for their deep songs that delve into political and social issues. But ETF, who are of a similar genre, are totally generic, kinda stupid and sound totally, totally shit live. You're basically listening to autotune when you listen to them. Seriously, check out this video if you don't believe me. 

They are very much a guilty pleasure of mine. I can't lie, I love their screamy voices and emo styled songs. I just do.

I was actually tempted to put Linkin Park as my guilty music pleasure but I don't listen to them an awful lot so I didn't didn't think they counted as much. I still like them though.

2: Movies

This is easy for me. As odd as it sounds, and this is mainly odd only because I'm a guy, I actually hate dumb, loads of explosions and no story films. I really do. But, in contrast I do like romcoms....

5 Guilty Pleasures

Isla Fisher is hot anyway, but in this
movie she is f*cking AMAZING.

Oh dear.....

And so this guilty pleasure is stolen by, yep, a romcom - but it is a brilliant one.

Definitely, Maybe. Damn I'm a sucker for that film. However it's not your typical romcom, which is why I like it. 

It's got politics, some jokes and, yes, of course it has romance and some cheesy lines and scenes BUT it all feels very intelligent. It's not a dumb romcom. Luckily I get away with watching it by saying I like it for its politics and Isla Fisher, but that still doesn't really swing in my favour...

3: TV

I don't watch an awful lot of TV so this took a bit of thinking. I came to the conclusion that my guilty TV pleasure is not a series but rather a programme called.....Oh God I don't even want to say it..........

Price Drop TV.

5 Guilty Pleasures

What? The presenters are cool OK? Jesus...

Yes. Yes I know. I like those dumb fucking shows where you sit and watch some presenter introducing products like hoovers and necklaces and then get the chance to phone in and buy them. 

You have permission to judge me.

That said, I don't watch them MUCH and when I do it's because I'm bored and it's 12 AM, so cut me some slack. Anyway, I'd choose the awesome Price Drop TV presenters over those mind numbing soaps any day.


This one is tricky. A guilty pleasure in the form of food? Hmmm. It took a lot of thinking but after thinking of all of the silly things I like to eat, Pringles are my soft spot. They're just so nice.

5 Guilty Pleasures

Om nom nom nom nom. The green flavor is the

Liking Pringles is not embarrassing like my previous guilty pleasures are, but when it comes to how bad these salty and delicious crisps are, they're a clear winner. I know they're bad for me but it takes only the smallest excuse for me to buy a pack. Luckily I'm not fat. Yet...
I was actually tempted to pick a fast food chain like Burger King as my guilty enjoyment, but I can actually easily resist junk food like that so I didn't think it really counted.

5: Games

Wow. This is hard as HELL. A game that I like that is a guilty pleasure? The thing is that I've never really had a game I felt guilty of embarrassed playing. I liked Harvest Moon, does that count? Meh. Not really. 

Funnily enough the most guilt I get when playing a game is when I play FIFA, because I know it's terrible for my stress levels. But is it a guilty pleasure? Well....Not really...I don't think so anyway.

I like Animal Crossing too, but hell, everyone knows those games are awesome so no guilt there.

I love the adorable Xbox Arcade game ilomilo and I guess that is a bit of a guilty pleasure given it is quite an embarrassing thing to like to play, but is it REALLY a guilty pleasure? Again, I don't think so.

5 Guilty Pleasures

You're not telling me you don't think these little guys aren't cute? I

Maybe it's because I'm a gamer that I find it near impossible to find a game I like that is a guilty pleasure, because to be quite honest being a gamer I know playing what you want is all part of the deal and the community. I've never met any gamers that actually acknowledge any particular game or series as a guilty pleasure because that's not really how gaming works. You play what you want and people respect that. I suppose, given its poor reputation, you could say CoD is a guilty pleasure, but I don't even play it anymore. Or maybe those corny dance and singing games like High School Musical, but I don't play those either.

So for this one I'm stumped. I've listed a few games that I like that are a smidgen embarrassing and that's all I can think to do. I can't honestly think of a game I like that is a guilty pleasure. I just can't. Sorry.

So what are your guilty pleasures, in gaming, music, TV, movies and food? Or even anything else? I'm interested to know, especially when it comes to the gaming one as I failed to completely answer mine (though it wan't for lack of trying). Leave yo comments below!

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