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5 Mistakes in Protective Styling That Cause Damaged Hair + 5 Tips to Fix Them

Posted on the 17 October 2014 by Thandi @sassymissy
1. Keeping a protective style for too long.
This can cause hair breakage, especially tiny braids/twist which cause hair to tangle and form knots. If you want to keep your braids for long, it is more advisable to do medium-large sizes! But overall its best to keep a hair do for a month! Then let it breath and pamper it daily.
Tip -See how I pamper my hair here
2. Single Braiding/TwistingTip - I stumbled upon this picture on my pinterest and I highly recommend it if you love doing micro-braids/twists! Doing it this way will protect your hairline from the damage that single braiding/twisting can cause
5 Mistakes in protective styling that cause damaged hair + 5 Tips to fix them
3. Forgetting to take care of your actual hair!While hair is in a protective do, its quite easy to forget you still need to show your hair some attention. It is important to moisturize often with a water based moisturizer by rubbing the moisturizer into the scalp, around the hairline and at the back. Water is your hair's best friend, so also try include it in your regiment. I use a spray bottle, so its easy to get the water to my roots/scalp when my hair is in a braid or sew in.
5 Mistakes in protective styling that cause damaged hair + 5 Tips to fix them
Tip- I use Aloe very juice instead of water only in my spray bottle! Aloe vera helps to reduce the redness, itching, scaling and inflammation of the scalp which directly benefits the hair. This is due to it's enzymatic properties. Aloe vera has many more benefits for hair such as, reduction in hair loss, balancing the pH of the scalp, improving hair growth etc! you really should google it up.
Learn how to make it in my next Blog post!
4. Doing hairstyles too tight! Like tight buns, braids that pull on your hairline. Painful stuff!

5 Mistakes in protective styling that cause damaged hair + 5 Tips to fix them

Tip- Simply just don't do them tight! Once you begin to feel pain, that's too tight. If you're at a hair saloon, just tell the hairstylist not to pull your scalp out! It's your money anyways!
5. Painful blisters and small sore bumps on scalpI'm sure most of us have experienced this awful moment after a braid, twist, plait or sew in is done! It happens when hair is done too tight or in sensitive scalps like mine. If not handled properly it can lead to alopecia, hair loss, damaged hairlineTip- Here's a simple natural recipe I created using Aloe vera and Amla oil which got rid of this problem in 3 days! Natural Recipe : Cure scalp boils/blisters in 3 days!
That's all I could come up with guys!
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