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5 of the Best Creative – and Simple – Uses for Fairy Lights

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy

5 of the Best Creative – and Simple – uses for Fairy Lights
If you’re looking for simple ways to update and improve your home’s decor and atmosphere, you’ve no doubt thought about painting walls or bits of furniture, or purchasing new pieces altogether to achieve your desired effect.However, there’s a really simple solution for achieving a beautiful, cosy atmosphere in your home and all it involves are some fairy lights and a bit of know-how. Fairy lights can be the simplest way to brighten up spaces in your home. We’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite ways in which people are using them in their homes, from high-end designers to everyday Pinterest users!
1. Fairy light photo wall
If you love displaying all your favorite snaps and are forever looking for new, interesting ways to do so, the fairy light photo wall idea might be up your street. We absolutely adore this example, found on Pinterest as it features pretty postcards as well as photos. Stick the fairy lights on your wall in lines with pins or tape and use pegs to hang your photos of the leads. Simple!
2. Filling jars and vases with fairy lights
5 of the Best Creative – and Simple – uses for Fairy Lights
This is a really popular idea at the moment and it’s no surprise as to why. If you have a vase or a pretty old jar that you don’t feel is filling its full potential, position some fairy lights in it to instantly give it a glow. This is the perfect (safe) alternative to using candles too. They look particularly fab in the garden during summer evenings at garden parties.
3. Fairy light sheer curtain 
5 of the Best Creative – and Simple – uses for Fairy Lights

This is another lovely idea that is perfect for the bedroom especially. Use plain sheer curtains with fairy lights to give the room a beautiful, romantic feel or for a truly magical feel in a kid’s bedroom. Hang them from the top of the curtains and let them drape down to add a unique element to an otherwise plain bedroom component.
4. Fairy lights entwined around furniture and features
5 of the Best Creative – and Simple – uses for Fairy Lights
Possibly the most common use of fairy lights in the home out of season is to wrap them around pieces of furniture. It’s popular for a reason as fairy lights entwined around staircase banisters, around mirrors or headboards can be really pretty. It’s also really simple! It can be a great technique for giving some soft, gentle lighting and attention to some of your favorite home furnishings.
5. Making words or symbols out of fairy lights
This is a great idea if you want your fairy lights to do all the talking and to be a piece of art in their own right. Get creative and spell out words in your fairy lights or symbols like hearts and stairs.Shaped lights like these can cost you a fortune if you were to buy them new, whereas you can pick up indoor fairy lights from lights4fun.co.uk fairly cheaply and therefore create the look yourself for a fraction of the price.If you enjoy my blog, please consider following me on Bloglovin'  Have you checked out my Super Sparkler Advertiser Jewellery Designs By Claire??
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