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5 on Friday

Posted on the 25 October 2013 by Thenigottothinking @tracyzlesh
Happy Friday!
ONE.   I finally decorated my house for fall.  It looks the exact same every year, and don't have much, but I enjoy it!  It was so fun to pull out the decor because it reminds me of the exciting time of year.  I really do love this season, and this year is going to be a special one with our sweet girl!
5 on Friday
TWO.  My girlfriend (you all know her, Nikki, from La Mia Vita) snapped some pictures (so casually in about 5 minutes) of Andie when I saw her last weekend and I can't believe how cute they turned out.  Nic, you are so talented... love them... and finally have a couple pictures of Andie and I that I don't hate the way I look in.  Will share more soon.
5 on Friday THREE.  I have already started Christmas shopping.  I can't believe it's two months from TODAY!  It creeps up on me every year.  Is it weird that I am also excited for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?  My husband thinks I am coocoo because I have my credit card number memorized.  Step away from the online sales and free shipping!!
5 on Friday FOUR.  Ebba released their Abundance Candles!  My favorite is the quotes on the front of the candles.  They make such a cute gift.   Love that everything from Ebba is hand made in Los Angeles.
5 on Friday
FIVE.  The youth volunteers involved with the non profit I work for are doing our neighborhood food blitz this coming weekend.  Basically, we drop grocery bags off at people's homes with a wish list of items the local food banks need.  If they have anything in their pantry they wish to donate, they fill the bag and put it on the doorstep - then our youth volunteers will come by their house a week later to pick it up.  The food banks are in NEED right now - so any little bit helps.  It feels good to help fill hungry bellies.
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